Officials focus on protecting minors


ILOILO CITY: The Iloilo City Council discussed a proposed ordinance that seeks to protect minors from exploitation and various forms of abuse.

City Councilor Dylee Zulueta-Salazar, committee on moral recovery and committee on women and family relations chairperson, led the multi stakeholders consultation composed of school officials, owners and operators of hotels, motels and lodging houses, taxi operators and government agencies to discuss the provisions of the proposed ordinance.

Under the proposed measure, it would be prohibited for any person who is found alone with a minor inside a room or cubicle of a house, inn, hotel, motel, or other similar establishments, vessels, vehicle or any hidden or secluded area under circumstances which would lead to believe that the child is about to be exploited in prostitution and other sexual abuse.

It shall also be unlawful for the permitee, owner, manager, operator or any person in charge of the operation of any public or private place of accommodation to allow a person to take along a minor who is not a family member.


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