• OFWs are Solaire’s game changers


    Beyond Paul Steelman’s striking interior design, the grand chandeliers, the glamorous Las Vegas-like performances, Macau VIP rooms and impressive gaming facilities, the one thing that truly sets Solaire Resort and Casino apart are its dedicated team of Filipinos.

    Led by Bloomberry Resort Corp. Chairman and CEO, Enrique Razon, the thrust of Solaire is not only to become one of the regions’ best gaming destinations but to also showcase just why Filipinos are among the most sought after workers in the hospitality and gaming industry.

    Since it began operations last month, Solaire has already brought home more than 400 Filipinos workers from worlds’ best casinos and has kept thousands more from leaving the country with its very competitive compensation packages.

    Brighter than the sun
    With her height and stunning looks, Jessica Salanguit could easily pass off as a model or a beauty pageant contestant. She also had plans of working abroad when she received an offer from Solaire to become one of its ambassadors.

    As one of the ambassadors, Jessica is tasked to welcome high profile clients directly from the airport and assist them throughout their stay at the hotel resort. While it is both challenging and rewarding, Jessica says the best thing about working for Solaire is knowing that you are part of something big.

    “You get a feeling that you are part of a big change— something that could help improve the image of the Philippines, and something you can be proud about.”

    It is a sentiment shared by those who chose to came home to share the expertise they learned from working in hotels such as the MGM Macau, Marina Bay Sands, the Venetian and many others.

    Solaire’s Vice President for VIP services, Lorraine Koo, says talent is one of the key product differentiators of Solaire. “We have a very strong team of local and international staff from the best hotels and gaming industry. But what makes Filipinos very different is that you are a very friendly people. Here, when you walk in the streets or at the malls, all the sales people would smile and greet you which is something very special. In certain Asian countries, work is just a routine for them, but here its different, Filipinos serve with a heart and when you smile it is genuine. That kind of service is not something you can train for or replicate with money—and that is something we want to highlight at Solaire.”

    Communications manager Katrina Razon furthers; “What we are trying to deliver is a world-class product that could compete with the best in the world. Solaire is a Filipino homegrown company and we want every Filipino in the world to feel a title of sense of ownership because it is something we can truly be proud of.”

    For more information on Solaire Resort & Casino, visit www.solairemanila.com.


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