OFWs deserve an apology –Marcos


FOR smearing the reputation of overseas Filipino workers by linking balikbayan or care boxes to smuggling, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Wednesday asked Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina to issue a public apology to all OFWs.

Marcos said he believes a public apology is necessary to correct whatever adverse impression the controversy had made on the positive image of the OFWS, modern-day heroes, according to the government.

“I am sure Commissioner Lina would understand the need to correct such misimpression because the jobs and collective image of our workers may be at stake,” he explained.

It was the senator’s father, the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, who issued an Executive Order granting OFWs–then referred to as overseas contract workers (OCWs)–the right to bring or send home tax-free care packages to their families provided the contents were not of commercial quantity.

Balikbayan Box Bill not a priority
President Benigno Aquino 3rd is in no rush to certify as urgent any proposal to enact a Balikbayan Box Law as there are other more important pieces of legislation that need to be passed in time, Malacañang said also on Wednesday.

Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said while they welcome Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto’s proposal, lack of time could hamper its early passage.

“It’s good that Senator Recto came up with that so that it can be discussed for the first time since the time it was implemented. It is high time for our lawmakers to review and identify the amendments that are needed,” Coloma explained.

“We will study the proposal so we can come up with a correct position on the issue,” he said.

The Recto bill seeks to raise the tax-exemption value of the contents of a balikbayan box from $500 to $2,000.

CBCP not impressed
THE Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is not impressed with Aquino’s action on the balikbayan box controversy.

Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos also on Wednesday said the President’s directive was only an afterthought that was meant to appease an irate nation, particularly the millions of OFWs.

“The Aquino government lacks compassion and respect for the OFWs,” according to Santos, chairman of the Commission for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People of the CBCP.

“If we did not raise our voice and concerned citizens did not protest, the government might have pursued it,” he said.

The bishop also joined calls for an investigation of the allegedly missing P145 million budget for X-ray machines.



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  1. Then again, how many times have we heard the officials of this administration issue an apology? Answer: The same number as the brain cells they have! XD

    And when do they plan to issue an apology? Answer: On the same day they realize their own idiocy or when they finally decide to open up the economy……

    If you would like to apologize to OFW’s, then how about opening up our economy in order to let more jobs in the country which, in effect, serves as a sorry for exiling them from their homeland just to find jobs……? -_-

  2. Hello Marcos, TAMA NA!!! STOP USING THE OFWs for your political ends…. You already said you points, and thanks for that. But please STOP pretending to sympathize with us OFWs….

  3. I like the wisdom of Sen Marcos and Sen. Recto on this regard. Sen. Marcos emulates the care of his father towards our OFWs. He initiated the NO TAX policy on balik bayan boxes. Now this current administration wanted to ruin this noble policy . You talk of BERT LINA, walang ginawang magtino yan sa bayan. Gustong gusto niya sa BOC para lalong yumaman.Atupagin mo ang mga BASURA na galing sa Canada, bago ang mga balikbayan boxes. Balita namin ikaw ang may pakana na itapon ang mga nasabing basura sa provincia ng amo mong ABNOY., ISIPIN MO NAMAN ANG KAPAKANAN NG BAYAN.

  4. puto bongbong marcos should the one to apologize about their LOOT.

    what a shame.. ignorant Pinoys are swayed by this son of dictator. Father like son.

  5. Correct dapat mag-apology kung matino ang pag-iisip niya. Kasi yung mga bansa na pinanggalingan ng mga padala ng mga ofw e iniscan at nacheck na yan. At may pre-delivery shipping docs (list of items) yan bago dumating sa Pilipinas don pa lang alam na nila ang laman. Kaya di na dapat bulatlatin pa. Go after bigtime smugglers mr Lina if you want to increase your tax collections. Ganyan na ba kayo gutom na gutom? Desperado na.

  6. Lina should resign. But hindi nila habulin ang big time syndicate sa BOC….Ang daming corrupt diyan. Ang pinaghirapan pa ng mga OFW ang kanilang traget. Dugo at pawis ang inalaan dito para sa pamilya…….Shame on you Lina at Panot na gobyernong ito.

  7. Mr. Lina should have consulted with stakeholders and he screwed up! But for sure there is smuggling going on Balikbayan boxes and this is a fact… Mr. BB please investigate because this is not right…It’s rubbing our country the much needed dollars for not collecting taxes. We have to follow other countries law with regards to airfreight of goods and other commodities by anyone regardless whether they are OFW or not.

  8. Lina, is just doing his job. an apology and resignation must not be an option. Its difficult to see that any public official doing his job and alway be threaten like this. as long the intention is for the good of the country.

    • laguatanlawzen.com on

      Change, you are another ignorant sanamagan who does not have the compassion for our hardworking OFWs. Pare-pareho lang kayo ni Lina na walang puso. You said Lina is only doing his job – what job are talking about? Job of stealing through his scores of stevedoring business? He is also the owner of AIR21. Change are you the alter ego of Lina? Oh, come on.

  9. After public apology, Lina should resign, simple. And major revamp in BOC those erring employees found with lavish life style should be terminated .

  10. Maria Stevens on

    Power corrupts..and absolute power corrupts absolutely..I believe that our man in Malacang Palace has seriously lost sight of why he elected.

  11. I have never given Mar a better chance than as we say “pagputi ng uwak” to become president of this country but this fiasco against the ofws is the proverbial last nail on his coffin. The palace moron became frantic and didn’t know how to react beginning with defending his sidekick Lina as merely doing what is good for the country then later countermanding the order to open balikbayan boxes when the protests begun to go viral. The damage has been done sorry for Mar who himself has not taken any position on the matter maybe thinking to contain the backlash on his candidacy by remaining silent. I say this is now a trend of the most shameful end for any administration and hopefully a signal for bong bong to go for it and trigger the political tsunami to save this republic from the morass it is in.

    • You are right domingo, we need someone the caliber of BONGBONG .This
      is not the first time he engraved his name in history. His stand on BBL is a tremendous achievement to be remembered by the Pilipinos. Walang urungan, hindi tulad ni ROFUS RODRIGUEZ isang bulong lang sa kanya amen agad. WE NEED PEOPLE WITH WISDOM AND BALLS TO MAKE OUR NATION GREAT AGAIN.

  12. That should be PAKONSWELO to the OFWs’ hardship & patience working abroad. There’s no effect of Papal’s visit…ningas kugon ka Pres Noy. The spirit of what Papa sa Roma did is nothing to you…though not a priority but you have that BILL…like what FOI perhaps why you don’t want to pursue it. The remittances are almost billion in a day…so boxes should be tax free, gasimot lang ang mga de lata, damit…makatikim ng libreng imported makes the family members satisfied and happy if those boxes drop in their house. Be considerate Mr. President!

  13. Any law that would benefit the citizens are not a priority of benigno aquino. Like The Anti dynasty bill, the FOI bill, and this Balikbayan Box Law will never have any place in congress and senate. This callous president has no feelings for the needs of his boss. That’s why voters should not be fooled again with sweet promises during campaign period. The people’s needs and concerns are never the priority of this spoiled old man bachelor in malacanang.