• OFWs hit Taiwan NGO for intervention


    Several OFWs in Taiwan on Sunday denounced what they said was the undue intervention of a Taiwan-based NGO in the settlement of their complaint filed with the POLO-Taipei Labor Representative Reydeluz Conferido who has convinced the Taiwan Manpower Agency (TMA) to refund alleged overpayments made to the Philippine Recruitment Agencies (PRAs).

    The 28 OFWs said they had agreed to accept part of the payment they made to their agencies as offered by the TMA. But Hope Workers Center a Taiwan-based NGO which brought the case to the attention of Philippine-based Center for Migrant Advocacy, intervened in the negotiations and demanded a higher amount from the broker or Taiwan Manpower Agency.

    The local agency has been suspended by the POEA.

    The TMA expressed its disgust with the interference by Hope Center since Conferio agreed to refunding the OFWs so the case could be amicably settled.

    He suspects that Hope Center may be receiving commissions for raising the refund and calls for Taiwan authorities to investigate the intervention of Hope Center.

    TMA is wondering if POLO/MECO offices in Taiwan have an accreditation system for all NGOs who are attending to our OFWs in Taiwan. Such move might safeguard the basic interest of our OFWs in trying to finish their employment contracts without the disruptions coming from these NGOs unscrupulously making use of very own OFWs as benefactors of their mere existence.

    The workers continue to be employed in the factory and have been reported to be receiving more than NT$40,000 (or about P60,000) a month in salaries plus overtime time and bonuses.

    They have no plans of leaving and are happy with the work conditions and pay. They just wanted the case settled amicably so they could finish their two-year contract.


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