• Ogie Diaz’ book to benefit cancer patients



    GUESS WHO? Popular female celeb is far from kind-hearted persona
    Talent manager/TV actor—and now book author—Ogie Diaz had to seek clearance from DZMM (where he anchors a showbiz program every Saturday night with MJ Felipe) before guesting on Radyo 5’s “Cristy Ferminute.”

    Nah, Ogie wasn’t doing the early radio rounds for the promo of his ward Liza Soberano’s nth remake of “Darna,” but to announce his newly published book titled Pak! Humor (Life is Short Kaya ‘Wag kang Nega).

    “Murang-mura lang po sa halagang P185. Napangiti ko na kayo, nakatulong pa kayo sa mga breast cancer patients,” is Ogie’s standard sales pitch.

    It took all of seven years to get his first attempt at book writing done. “Nung 2010 ko pa ito sinimulan–imagine, anong taon na tayo ngayon? But I assure you, you’ll be amused by the contents of the book.”

    With an initial print of 10,000 copies by ABS-CBN Publishing Inc., Ogie was delighted that there was already a single purchase of 300 by a single person. And the number, according to him, increases by the day.

    Ogie Diaz with his most famous ward, Liza Soberano YOUTUBE GRAB

    Meanwhile, the release of his book coincided with the improved health condition of his fifth daughter, aptly named Meera Khel. With their photos together proudly splashed on his Facebook wall, Ogie considers Meera’s having survived her four-month ordeal while confined at the hospital truly miraculous.

    “Gumastos man ako nang malaki (P2.5 M, so we heard), ang mahalaga, nalampasan ni Meera at ng buong pamilya namin ang pagsubok na yun. Kung dati, eh, close na close kami ng family ko, ngayon we’ve become even closer, more loving and more caring for one another. Wala pa ‘to sa libro ko, but for sure, abangan n’yo yan in my next book,” a thankful Ogie grinned.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? It was only during the third quarter of this year when a gay stay-in PA—working for a popular female personality (PFP)—went AWOL. “But in fairness, I sent her a text message after I packed all my stuff. Hindi ko na kasi matiis how she had been treating me.”

    Many times, the PA had—with nary a single complaint—swallowed crisp expletives thrown at him. “I was under her employ for more than a year. She’d tag me along abroad whenever she had shows, pero sapat na ba yun para mura-murahin niya ako?” the PA whined.

    The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, was when the PFP instructed him to buy seaweeds from an organic store as the ones she had earlier bought were left to rot inside the fridge.

    “Iniutos niya yun para utusan ko yung driver na bumili kasi di’ba, she has been eating organic food? So I told the driver. Ang pagkakamali ko, I forgot to tell the driver which car he was supposed to use. Ang ginamit pala niya was the van na kamalas-malasan figured in a minor road mishap. Galit na galit siya (PFP) sa akin she began cursing me!”

    To himself, the PA came to realize that the PFP’s public image (that of a kind-hearted, if not spiritual person) is a betrayal of her real persona.

    “I swear, Bes, she’s not what most people admire her to be,” the PA hinted.

    * * *

    Time was when this voluptuous actress (VA) got what she wanted—materially, that is.

    Showbiz kibitzers, after all, were much too privy to her romantic liaisons with the high and mighty. No wonder, her lifestyle leveled up she’d go around showbiz events with her pricey signature bags making her fellow actresses green with envy.

    Often, the VA would simply ring up her bag supplier, “O, pa-pick up mo na ‘yung bayad ko sa mga in-order kong bags.”

    Much to the supplier’s surprise, the dated cheques issued by the VA—with figures amounting to hundreds of thousand—bore different payors’ names.

    But all’s water under the bridge now. Reportedly, the VA—now married to a far less wealthy non-showbiz guy—has been selling her branded bags.

    “Puro palabas kasi ang pera niya, tapos, hindi pa siya gaanong active sa showbiz. Truth is, she regrets having ended up with the man she chose to marry, hindi niya tuloy nasusunod ang luho niya unlike before na kung gumastos siya, eh, todo na!” our source disclosed, hinting at the VA’s identity.


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