Old-fashioned photo fun is new again


The fun and gratification of an instant photo are making a comeback for a new generation.

(NAPSI)—Face it: Photo booths have once again become all the rage for teenagers and young adults.

These entertaining spaces are found in more places than ever, including restaurants, bars, movie theaters and malls, as well as the old standbys, arcades and amusement parks. They are even showing up at special events and weddings.

An old idea, new to the young
For many young people, it’s the novelty of a printed photo that’s the real charm. For most older Americans, a printed photo is something they’ve lived with most of their lives. They hang on the wall, sit on the desk, and hold a special place in people’s wallets. Today’s younger generation, however, isn’t so familiar with a tangible print. Some just don’t have the patience required to download and print out a photo.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of the photo booth may be that that’s where people can get spontaneously goofy, romantic or serious, whether individuals, couples or a group of friends crammed in together.

Photo sharing the modern way
In a further twist, at some photo booths you can now combine hard copy with digital photography. Face Place Photo Booths can even link your snapshot experience to your social media pages, with an instant upload of the photo strip, directly through the photo booth.

You can get 2×3 multiphoto strips or full-size 4×6 photos and share photos directly from the photo booths by e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Why it works
An integral part of the photo booth fun are Mitsubishi Electric’s dye-sublimation high-speed printers. They create a high-quality print everyone can enjoy in under six seconds, and they can be in either color or the traditional black and white. They also print in different sizes with a unique roll-type mechanism that ensures jam-free reliability, which is required for demanding photo booth applications.

You can find further facts about this trend and other electronic innovations at www.mevsa.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MitsubishiPhotoimaging and on Twitter at twitter.com/MitsubishiPhoto. North American Precis Syndicate, Inc.


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