‘Old Man Trump’: Folk broadside hits Donald’s dad


NEW YORK CITY: It may not be music to Donald Trump’s ears, but a new, upbeat American song accusing the would-be president’s father of being a racist landlord makes its debut on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila). Written by folk icon Woody Guthrie decades ago and unearthed earlier this year, the lyrics are a broadside against Fred Trump, the New York businessman who made a fortune building middle-class housing. Guthrie, a life-long champion of America’s down and out, rented an apartment from Trump senior in 1950 and was so offended that one of his complexes was virtually all-white that he jotted down notes in protest. Its digital launch comes with the Republican nominee sluggish in polls and trailing an enormous $40 million deficit behind Hillary Clinton’s bulging war chest of donations ahead of the November election.



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