• Old, new Italian metal The Vespa PX and GTS Super

    Vespa PX

    Vespa PX

    Who among us can truly say that they have been able to drive an icon — one so popular that it arguably represents vitality, style and youth? Maybe that could be answered by the roughly 16 million Vespa scooter owners since it was first introduced several decades back, or for that matter, anyone who is familiar with pop culture; since Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck first buzzed around Rome on a metallic Aurora Sky Blue Vespa in the movie “Roman Holiday” or how Hilary Duff cruised around the streets of Rome on a Cherry Red unit in the “Lizzie McGuire Movie,” the Vespa has been the scooter of choice when it comes to representing youth and vigor on screen.

    Yet the Vespa is known or its practical design, enhancing function without forgoing the style. True to the offer of any respectable scooter, what other two-wheeled vehicle can anyone in a skirt comfortably ride on? And keeping the insides clean and spotless with ingeniously designed protective panels, while at the same time holding to a sense of valor as the Vespa, has in fact evolved from the utilitarian American motorcycle into a motorcycle that embodies refined style and sophistication.

    Wanting to cater to the demand of our ever-evolving society of working class trend-setters and casual socialites, and because of the popularity of the GTS and PX models in the country following the 2015 entry of the company into the Philippines with the Vespa Sprint and Vespa Primavera, Vespa Philippines has launched the Vespa GTS 150 and the PX 150 models on July 30 at the Vespa Showroom, BGC, Taguig City.

    Still very much a Vespa
    Sporting classic lines with traditional but refined features, the new Vespa PX 150 stays true to what comes to mind when one thinks of Vespa. The PX series is what’s considered to be the model that represents the classic essence of the brand. It exemplifies engineering harmony combining function, durability and style with its light, stylish package that goes well with virtually any get up. The new PX 150 will be no stranger to the best of Italian design; housing a Euro 3 engine offering an exceptional riding experience with reliable responsiveness, not withholding safety design features with its steel construction.

    Dubbed to be a “True Vespa,” the PX 150 features an air-cooled 150-cubic centimeter two-stroke engine. The characteristics that define it as a “True Vespa” are still there: the four-speed “twist grip” manual gearshift; and the footbrake and spare wheel are just where true aficionados expect them to be. It will be available in the Nero Lucido, Monte Bianco, Rosso Dragon, Azzurro Mediterraneo and Blu Midnight colors.

    Be reminded though that this isn’t the only new two-wheeled icon brought out! For those who fancy a bigger and bolder Vespa would be interested in the new Vespa GTS Super 150, which combines the compact and efficient 3V engine of the Primavera range, plus an advanced electronic fuel injection technology for more responsive acceleration paired with a spacious chassis and a bigger frame – specially designed to provide more comfort for the longer ride and larger riders. The new Vespa GTS Super 150 aims to be the perfect alternative for the urban commuter looking for more legroom without the need for a large capacity engine.

    Comfort and efficiency combine in the Vespa GTS Super 150; front and rear disc brakes improve its reliability during sudden stops; and twin rear shock absorbers keep riders feeling comfortable. The thoughtful design includes fold-out pillion pegs and a larger underseat storage area (with two helmet hooks). The GTS Super 150 will be available in Monte Bianco, Rosso Dragon, and Grigio Titanium.

    Light and speedy, the Vespa owes its name to industrialist Enrico Piaggio, who remarked on its design being similar in appearance to a wasp. It sounded like one too as it zipped through post-war Rome prior to its restoration. So popular was the new scooter that soon, it zipped into the Italian language itself, with the verb “vespare” standing for going somewhere on a Vespa – why not see for yourself if these new icons will “vespare” their way into your heart?


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