Ombudsman dares critics: Impeach me if I erred


If you feel that I have done wrong, go ahead, file a complaint– impeach me.

A combative Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on Wednesday made the statement as she dared her critics, particularly the Binay camp, to walk their talk.

“I am impeachable. If you feel that I have done wrong, go ahead, file a complaint.

Nabubuwisit na talaga ako [I’m pissed off]. I am apolitical, wala akong pinapanigan [I don’t take sides],” she told reporters.

Morales called a news conference to debunk Binay’s allegations of selective justice in the Aquino administration.

Rico Quicho, political spokesman for Vice President Jejomar Binay, earlier said the Ombudsman’s order to preventively suspend Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. for his alleged involvement in an anomalous school building project was “a swift and deliberate reply” to the elder Binay’s resignation from President Aquino’s Cabinet.

Morales said the decision to dismiss resigned Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima was proof of the Ombudsman’s independence.

Purisima, a known close friend of the President, was removed from government service for his involvement in a courier service anomaly when he was chief of the PNP.

The Ombudsman, a former associate justice of the Supreme Court who administered the oath of office to President Aquino in 2010, said Purisima’s dismissal had long been coming.

“That’s the best argument against selective justice,” Morales said.

“In light of that, if it’s true that we only file charges against the President’s political foes, I would have spared Purisima. I would have sat on his case.”

The Ombudsman said there are many cases filed against personalities identified with the opposition because they composed the majority in the previous administration.

“So they enjoyed perks, they enjoyed privileges and allegedly in the course of enjoying these perks, they abused. That is why they are now the ones who have many cases. Now, if it turns out that the majority now abuses its powers, then in the next administration, they will become the opposition and they will also say, ‘Oh they’re having a field day filing cases or investigating cases against members of the opposition,’” she explained.


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