• Ombudsman inutile or slowpoke?

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    For as long as the Ombudsman continues on its snail pace investigation of graft cases, corruption will persist in this land.

    Certain groups observed that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and her deputies sit on hundreds, if not thousands, of cases collecting dust in their office.

    One good example is the graft case filed by a local chief executive in Quezon Province three years ago against then Congressman Proceso Alcala.

    The case stemmed from complaints by some farmers in Alcala’s district that their signatures were forged to make it appear that they received cash from the lawmaker’s pork barrel.

    It turned out that some of those supposed beneficiaries were either dead or are overseas workers and have no knowledge in farming at all.

    Yet Morales has not lifted a finger to investigate this serious charge against Alcala, who now heads the Agriculture department.

    MWSS head Gerardo Esquievel Jr. also has eleven graft cases pending before the office of Morales since 2011.

    But the Ombudsman is slow in looking into the case, earning the ire of the MWSS labor union who filed the complaints.

    Perhaps Morales is not the right person to head the Office of the Ombudsman.

    ”Walang kwenta!”

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    Razon should monitor his casino operation
    A PAGCOR official disagreed to my column on Monday that casino management had no idea of the illegal lending activities in their VIP rooms. The official claimed that the casino management is fully aware of the financiers’ illegal operations.

    The gaming official, who asked for anonimity, said it is very unlikely that Solaire Casino does not know these people since they allow them to transact business at the casino’s VIP rooms.

    Take the case of alias “Jimmy Ngoy”, a suspected member of the Hong Kong triad and known bigtime casino financier, allegedly controls Solaire’s VIP Rooms 1 and 5.

    Sibling’s alias “Oca and Beth Cuy”, also suspected triad members and former Pavillion Casino financiers, now operate at VIP 9 of Solaire.

    A certain “Suzie On”, reportedly a girlfriend of a drug lord, also hangs around Solaire Casino as one of the financiers.

    Also, the alleged Taiwanese Mafia lieutenant alias”Allan Tan” and his sidekick alias “Peter Lim”are lording it over in the illegal lending operations in Solaire.

    Enrique Razon should clean up his casino of loan sharks and alleged drug lords ince it has become the haven for syndicates.

    It seems that they are given accreditation to do business in his casino.



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    1. Aaahron Legaspi, must be one of the yellow retardates. The best ha …eh noted sa kagaahan at mukhang pera niyang si Imoraless. You must have gotten you share sa mga ninakaw ng hayup na presidente mong abnoy. Scram …you don’t belong here you are irrelevant and ask Cuchina Imorales to have it “noted”.

    2. Definitely morales is the best ombudsman we have after vasquez. The ombudsman during FVR and Gloria time are the worst. However, it is now clear that Morales is now being eaten slowly by the system and it is also clear that she lacks managerial expertise as she never had a staff of more than 20 person until now..

    3. wilmer andrada on

      Both the Ombudsman and Sandigan Bayan are slower than turtles. We need to reform the system and there should be a time frame for cases to be resolved. Better yet ,We should just abolish these. two departments and replace them with a special tribunal court dedicated to hearing all these cases of graft and corruption with the NBI given a special role in presenting evidence to the tribunal. court directly.This would make cases faster to prosecute. Trials and convictions will not be delayed.There should be public announcements on each cases for public information, with dates of trials and hearings set .so we the people can be informed.

    4. boss erwin, mga kakampi yan, hindi gagalawin ni Morales yan. Kung kalaban yan matagal ng kulong yan