Ombudsman Morales claims getting threats from Binay’s camp


OMBUDSMAN Conchita Carpio-Morales claimed that she has received threats from the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is running for president under the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

She said she received information that Binay and his fellow UNA bets would run after her, whom they considered as part of the demolition team against the opposition, should they win in the May 9 elections.

“They [VP Binay’s camp] said they’re going to run after me if the Vice President wins as president,” Morales told reporters in an ambush interview during the multisectoral investment forum at the Crowne Plaza, Ortigas Center, in Metro Manila’s Pasig City. “Go ahead, I welcome that!”

“The threat was conveyed verbally by a valued allied politician of the Vice President to a high court official,” she stressed.

She declined, however, to name the politician who made the threat.

Morales also claimed that the Binay camp is also planning to file another damage suit against her.

“I expect that,” she said. “They are scaring me. I’m not scared. I’m not deterred from doing my work,”

She added, “If they started filing damage suit against me, so what will prevent him [VP Binay] from filing other cases against me. I stand on the grounds that I have been doing what I think is right.”

Morales dared Binay to face the charges filed against him instead of accusing the anti-graft court of being part of a conspiracy and demolition job against him.

Sagutin mo ang charges,” Morales said, as she clarified that she is not conspiring with anybody just to destroy another person’s reputation. “If you’re innocent, of course, we will not file a case in court.”

“Again, I keep on saying I will not jeopardize my reputation para lang sisirain ang tao, para lang masira din ako [just to destroy another person, just so to destroy myself],” she added.

Morales also denied that she leaked the Commission on Audit (COA) report to the media to shame the Vice president.

“I deny even under oath of having leaked that,” she said. “… In fact, we are told that even the auditees had been given advance copies.”

UNA President Toby Tiangco earlier accused the anti-graft body of hiring a public-relations consultant to leak to the media the audit report that found anomalies in the design and construction of the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building II.

Last October, the Ombudsman dismissed Binay’s son, Junjun, as mayor of Makati City, Metro Manila’s central business district, over the city-hall building issue. He was also given perpetual disqualification from holding public office and forfeiture of retirement benefits.

Morales also denied that she was exerting pressure on the auditing body to release an incomplete audit report on the Makati City Hall Building II.

She said, meanwhile, that a “reliable source” had told her that the Binay camp demanded the COA to hold the release of the investigation report.

“I learned it from a reliable source,” Morales said. “If the Vice President denies under oath publicly that I was the one responsible for pressuring COA, and he will deny also that he asked the COA official not to release or defer the release [of the investigation report], then I will tell you my source.”

The camp of the Vice President earlier claimed that the Ombudsman pressed the auditing body to release an incomplete audit report in a bid to derail Binay’s presidential candidacy. NEIL ALCOBER 



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  1. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Morales is hallucinating. She and P-Noy and party have been demonizing Binay with the series of allegations and mopping up operations to pin down the vice president but to the present were unable to come up with concrete evidences except for guesses and tramped suspicions. Morales, by her position and looks, is afraid of what will befall her in time and is afraid that she might not be able to say “sorry” for the wrongs she has done which could cause her eternal damnation. For us, pleas GOD SAVE THE PHILIPPINES from evil.