Ombudsman pressuring COA – Binay camp


THE United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) has accused Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales of pressuring the Commission on Audit (COA) to release an incomplete special audit report on the Makati City Hall Building 2 in a bid to derail the presidential candidacy of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Vice president Jejomar Binay talks to a vendor at mega Q mart in Quezon City, one of several public markets visited by candidates of the United Nationalist Alliance on Saturday. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Vice president Jejomar Binay talks to a vendor at mega Q mart in Quezon City, one of several public markets visited by candidates of the United Nationalist Alliance on Saturday. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

“We have been informed that the Ombudsman has been personally calling up COA officials telling them to transmit to her office its special audit report on Makati Building 2 even if the report does not include the replies or comments of city hall officials,” UNA president Toby Tiangco said.

“In so doing, the Ombudsman wants COA to effectively discard the findings of 11 audits, including one conducted by technical specialists, which concluded there was no overpricing and that the said project complied with COA regulations,” he added.

Tiangco said the COA would violate its own policy that no special audits should be done against candidates running for the May elections if it releases the special report.

“It will also be in direct contravention of COA resolution 2015-033 dated Sept 29, 2015 prohibiting the conduct of special audit against candidates of the 2016 elections,” he added.

Citing COA insiders, Tiangco said Carpio-Morales personally called up a ranking COA official prior to her trip abroad demanding that the audit report should be released immediately.

These acts, he noted, bolster UNA’s claim that Morales has displayed blatant partiality when handling complaints involving the Vice President and members of his family.

“The Ombudsman represents an administration that has a track record of flouting the law and the Constitution in bringing down its political enemies while ignoring, aiding and abetting unlawful acts of its party mates and allies,” Tiangco said.

However, the UNA official said he is not surprised that the Ombudsman seems bent on releasing the incomplete COA report which will be used to file plunder charges against the Vice President after his term and former Makati Mayor Jejomar “Junjun” Binay.

“In stark contrast, the COA and Ombudsman are pussyfooting on its reports on the PDAF [Priority Development Assistance Fund] and DAP [Disbursement Acceleration Program]. Until now, COA has yet to release its complete PDAF audit covering the Aquino administration,” Tiangco said.

“The Ombudsman, on the other hand, is sitting on its hand and has failed to even consider taking action against those involved in the DAP scandal which has been declared unlawful and unconstitutional by the Supreme Court,” he added.

At least 38 members of the Liberal Party were implicated in the PDAF scam.

Binay filed a P200-million damage suit against Morales and 12 others for repeatedly spreading allegations of plunder, graft and corruption, and other illegal activities against him based on unverified and even fabricated sources, and despite the fact these have not been proven in court.


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  1. Juan Delacruz on

    The Ombudsman is trying to expedite the paperworks that should be ready before the national election. If Jojo Binay will not win the election, and most likely he will not, a warrant of arrest will be served. There will be a big difference on his status and his residence, as well. This is the reason why the Vice President’s camp is worry, and making lots of noise. However, what they are saying publicly do not make any sense and they made it appear that the Ombudsman’s moves are illegal and politically motivated.

  2. UNA are suffering from anxiety attacks and kept on inventing and accusing the ombudsman of many fantasy accusation. Mr. Tiangco tell your boss to bring out from hiding Ebeng Baloloy and Gerry Limlingan to prove that he is innocent of all anomalies. Mr. Tiangco where is your hard proof that Madam Morales called up a ranking COA offical?

  3. this is obviously the selective justice played by the Ombudsman , another person that BSAquino installed to follow his whims.

    • Selective justice is still justice. Kelangan may maUNA para sunod sunod na sa paghahatol sa mga MAGNANAKAW! It’s a shame the you keep on defending the obvious thief. One does not have to be that educated to see that the BINAYS did steal money from the Philippine treasury. The end does not justify the means- if you are defending Binay because you received help from them, well I assure you that majority of those money they used in helping the poor came from us- taxpayers money. Kung may makulong man na plotiko dahil sa pagnanakaw- be it from the opposition or from the administration- dapat matuwa ka at least the current government is doing something against CORRUPT people like the BINAY! Tanga lang maniniwala na inosente si Binay. He is THIEF and a LIAR. Sunotk sa buwan mga pangako niya. Tanga ka pagnaniwala ka pa sa kanya.