Ombudsman pursuing Mamasapano probe


THE Office of the Ombudsman’s investigation into complaints against former President Benigno Aquino 3rd in connection with the anti-terrorist police operation in Mamasapano in 2015 is ongoing, according to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

“As far as the complaints against Aquino are concerned, of course those are still being investigated, you cannot instantly assess whether there is probable cause or ground to conduct preliminary investigation,” Morales said at the sidelines of an awarding ceremony at the Tandang Sora Shrine in Quezon City.

The investigation might be completed “maybe this year, maybe next year,” said the Ombudsman, whose term ends in 2018.

On Friday, Morales received the Tandang Sora Award, given to individuals who embody the virtues of the revolutionary heroine after whom the award is named.

In her speech at the awarding ceremony, Morales said she took on the challenge of being the Ombudsman not only to fight corruption and impunity but also to “disprove a few detractors who discouraged me from accepting the position on the basis of age and gender.”

“For me, the primary qualifications necessary in this kind of work are unassailable integrity and a steadfast work ethic. As we celebrate the life of Tandang Sora, who was already an octogenarian when called to serve her fellow Filipinos in the revolution, we should all be reminded that heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things,” she said.


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  1. A trial in America starts within 6 months after being charged.

    A trial in the Philippines starts within 10 years.

    4 or 5 years before the Ombudsman decides to charge,
    Another 5 years of bail review and motions
    The trial itself will take years until the charges are dismissed thru incompetence or bribes.

  2. “Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.”

    What better truth than what Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales said about heroes!

    Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. What a better way to describe a hero.

    But Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr wants to invert everything. To be called a hero, he paid Rolando Galman to shoot him. Hence, by his paid assassination, he elevated himself to a hero. We even celebrate August 31 as Aquino Day, the same day he threw a grenade at the rally of the Liberal Party in Plaza Miranda. He deserves some credit for it. He exposed the cowardice of our politicians in that Plaza Miranda bombing in the same way the cowardice of our politicians exists now in their timidity not to question Duterte’s EJKs.

    Let the investigation of the Ombudsman be very factual and not laded with propaganda. Marcos paid the Agrava Commission to say that the military killed Aquino and not Rolando Galman. Historians will carefully review the findings of the Ombudsman. Therefore, let the Ombudsman be the heroes we need to move the country forward and not opportunists looking only for their health and not the welfare of the country.

  3. Maybe 3 years to investigate whether there is probable cause or grounds to conduct preliminary investigation.

    Seriously ? This should take a couple of weeks and it’s already been almost 2 years.

    The Ombudsman needs to be replaced, it does not take 4 years to decide probable cause.

    • She said maybe this year or maybe next year ,what an excuse ,She just doesnt want to touch it, and will leave to the next ombudsman. .what a pity ….