• Ombudsman sacks six state auditors


    Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales has ordered the dismissal from the service of six auditors from the Commission on Audit (COA) after finding them administratively liable for allegedly receiving additional compensation and bonuses from the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) from 2006 to 2010.

    Ordered dismissed for grave misconduct were state auditors Juanito Daguno Jr., Proceso
    Saavedra, Teresita Tam, Corazon Cabotage, Evangeline Sison and Vilma Tiongson, as well as data machine operators Violeta Gamil and Roberto Villa.

    “They were also perpetually disqualified for reemployment in the government service with cancelation of eligibility and forfeiture of retirement benefits,” the Office of the Ombudsman said in a statement on Friday.

    In addition, the office found ground to file a graft case before the Sandiganbayan against COA executives Edna Anical, Thelma Baldovino, Evelyn de Leon, Nestorio Ferrera, Zoharayda Obog, Ligaya Principio, Paulino Sarmiento and Jesusa Punsalan, as well as Daguno, Gamil, Saavedra, Tam, Villa, Cabotage, Sison and Tiongson in connection with the multimillion peso grant of additional compensation and bonuses.

    Morales also ordered the suspension of LWUA executives Lorenzo Jamora, Wilfredo Feleo, Orlando Hondrade and Daniel Landingin without pay for six months after finding them guilty of simple misconduct.

    The penalty of suspension is convertible to a fine equivalent to six months’ salary in case the official is already separated from the service.

    “Investigation disclosed that Jamora, et al. approved and signed Letters of Instructions directing the issuance of checks covering the irregular bonuses for LWUA and COA personnel from 2006 to 2010 totaling P25 million,” the Ombudsman’s office said in the statement.

    Jamora, et al.’s “stamp of approval and authorization for fund disbursement as payment for the questioned benefits is a clear transgression” of the Salary Standardization Law and other COA regulations, it added.

    Citing records of the COA Human Resource Office, the office said Anical received P789,000; Baldovino, P886,000; De Leon, P517,000; Daguno Jr., P615,000; Ferrera, P961,000; Gamil, P834,000; Obog, P658,000; Principio, P642,000; Punsalan, P602,000; Saavedra, P692,000; Sarmiento, P703,000; Tam, P592,000; Villa, P650,000; Cabotage, P542,000; Sison, P183,000; and Tiongson, P164,000.

    “[T]he amounts given were huge and arbitrary,” the office said in its joint resolution.

    A COA machine operator assigned at LWUA received as much as P140,000 and P43,000 in November 2006 alone, the office pointed out.

    “They each received bonuses twice a month in November 2006, September and December 2007, September and December 2008, and March 2010,” it said.

    Further, its ruling said “their patent disregard of the existing policy of their own institution against the practice of receiving additional compensation cannot be deemed a mere lapse of judgment. Respondents, being state auditors and employees of COA itself, are presumed to know the prohibition.”

    “The COA auditors and employees were obviously motivated by malicious intent to favor self-interest at the expense of the public,” Morales said. “Their acts are contrary to accepted rules of right and duty, honesty and good morals.”


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    1. how about chavit sinson, how soon he will get sack. Where did he get all that money to built the BALUARTE and how come the custom allowed him to bring those animals in the Philippine and went to Ilocos Sur province. This man must have click or who you know in the custom.

    2. It is a mistake for these six COA Auditors to enter or to belong to the highly reputable Certified Public Accountant’s profession since they can’t abide with what they have learned in school about the rules of professional conduct and ethics. What good is it even if you are a talented auditor but your behavior cannot measure up with the demand of the standards of the profession, you will only ended up just like these six auditors, they don’t go nowhere, the death of body and soul. To belong and grow in this profession it requires a personal and solemn commitment beyond the letters of it professional ethics, rules and regulations and ultimately your one in-one commitment to God that in the event the Lord God granted you the talent and skill of the profession, in penalty of death of your soul that you will only use this gifted talent for the common good and for the welfare of the people and in building up of the profession and your country.

    3. I salute you Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales for job well done. I hope this will be WARNING to all government officers who are abusive on their positions.

    4. I pity these auditors that their retirement benefits will be remove. You auditors must protect yourselves and your pensions at all cost. You should not have done this . Your whole family will be affected as you grow older without your pensions. Nakakahiya sa iyo at sa buong familia nyo. What will you tell your children ? Disgrace disgrace.