• Ombudsman to probe Duterte


    The Office of the Ombudsman will pursue the investigation of the plunder complaint filed by Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th against President-elect Rodrigo Duterte even if the mayor gains immunity from suit.

    “Well if the complaint is meritorious then like in the case of [the late former Chief Justice Renato]Corona, he is an impeachable official but just the same, the Office investigated the case because under the law, the Ombudsman will still continue investigating an impeachable officer only for the purpose of determining whether gross or grave misconduct has been committed. If in the affirmative, then the Office of the Ombudsman will forward its findings to Congress for it to consider initiating impeachment proceedings,” Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales told reporters on Thursday.

    Trillanes filed the complaint as he accused Duterte of plunder, graft, malversation and breach of conduct for the hiring of 11,000 contractual workers in 2014 by Davao City.

    Morales said that she will recuse herself from the case because the husband of Duterte’s daughter Sara, Mans Carpio, is the son of Morales’ brother, Lucas Carpio and Court of Appeals Justice Agnes Reyes Carpio.

    “In other words, he (Duterte) is the balae of my brother,” Morales said.

    “I have inhibited in cases involving the Dutertes. Involving Sara, involving presumptive president-elect Duterte. Even before he became a presumptive president-elect I have already inhibited in the cases involving them,” she said.


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    1. A case in respect of “ghost employees” has been filed against Mayor Duterte. The ombudsman has to investigate. Another case will most likely be filed against him – this time, involving his bank accounts and unexplained wealth. And Kim Henares of the BIR will not be far behind in auditing his possible unpaid taxes for this wealth. Graft, corruption, and plunder of the “new boss”. What else is new in the Philippines?

    2. Juan T. Delacruz on

      What happened to Trillanes promise, to file an impeachment complaint against Duterte for not including in his SALN the P211 Million in one of his bank account in Manila? He even promised to resign as a Senator if proven wrong. Trillanes was proven wrong because the P211 Million of Dutertes joint bank account did not have the amount as Trillanes claimed, along with a historical record since 2014, meaning deposits and withdrawals. Trillanes was outsmarted by Duterte.

      Senator Trillanes should have resigned from the Senate by now. He is a man without word of honor, no integrity, and doing a lot of illegal activities such as obtaining bank records of people he doesn’t like. Now, Trillanes filed complaint against Duterte, as a city mayor of Davao. I would say that Trillanes is running around with his head stuck up in his ass.

    3. Start first with the DAP”& PDAF implicated personalities. This is bigger than Duterte, madam Carpio-Moral less.

    4. Who should be probed for plunder or maybe treason? Duterte has not been sworn in,he is not the President till he is sworn in. Isn’t it more likely for Trillaning, Akkino and all senators along with his cohorts who spent and received millions of money called the illegal DAP, PDAF and those who has not done anything to serve the people who elected them in office? it seems many are running scared of Duterte after all.

    5. There is no free corrupt country in the world. I’m not saying its OK. But why was enrile released. Did trillantes also have unexplained wealth. And so as former pres fvr. Is this selective justice system.