Ombudsman wants list of all garnished assets of Estrada




Prosecutors have asked the Sandiganbayan for court sheriffs to conduct an inventory of all the forfeited assets of former president and now Manila mayor Joseph Estrada as part of documentation in the implementation of his sentence in his 2007 plunder conviction.

In a three page motion, the Office of the Ombudsman wanted the Sheriff Division of the anti-graft court to list down all the assets of the former president that were included in the properties to be garnished.

The prosecutors are if the P189.7 million in the Investment Management Account (IMA) Trust Account 101-78056-1, which the court ordered forfeited, has been fully delivered.

Fiscals said that while they are convinced that Banco de Oro has complied with the notice to deliver the 300 million Wellex shares and P28,769.73 cash, “we, however, entertain doubt as to the complete delivery of the P189.7 million.”

Lawyers from the Office of the Special Prosecutor said that in the letter of the bank to retired Sandiganbayan Sheriff Edgardo Urieta, “it never mentioned the whereabouts of the [P189.7 million].”

The prosecution also discovered from court records that Urieta already garnished and received P215.8 million in November 2007, “but there is no report received by the court relative to such receipt of amount.”

Even the January 2008 report of the former court sheriff did not include the amount forfeited from the Muslim Youth Foundation, the prosecutors said.




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  1. Juan dela Cruz on

    Corrupt Estrada committed plunder and now a mayor? What kind of judicial system the PH has? Corrupt system, Padrinos system? Shame on you.