• On ‘300,000 Filipinos in US face deportation’


    When will we all get along with each other in this world, when Jesus comes back?? Everyone comes to America because our economy is better than their economy and our government in the USA — while people complain about it – is good and we live in the greatest country on earth. That is why people from all over the world want to come here to work and help their families back home. And they’re willing to put all that they have on the line for what they believe in. We should all be like them, let us all get along, and be right before the God of Heaven.

    King Wayne


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    1. Mang Karpio on

      It’s not just the US where we have the presence of filipinos. Even on the worst places like Nigeria, Somalia and other really poor countries. US process of deportation are just part of the bigger picture of controlling the population. Look at the Mexicans after the US took their country they’re still an illegal alien crossing the border that used to be their country. Pinas should do the same to all foreigners & illegal aliens alike – deport them! They’re no good for our country but exploit the poor. They should all be given 1 – 2 weeks maximum stay then they should be hunted down and deported. You’ll see how Pinas will flourish because they’ll have to pour their given wealth for such a short time.

    2. Those overstaying Filipinos could have not reached that high in numbers, if those U.S. immigration officers that meet them on arrival and have given them enough time to enjoy their stay instead of just 2 weeks or a month. If they apply for extension (of stay) it would require lawyer’s representation at an initial cost of at least $5,000.

      The American immigration could have been doing this on purpose to support those scamming immigration lawyers to make money out those Filipino visitors. So, what do to? Visitors are forced to stay longer than their allowed stay. I hope Homeland Security, take a good look on this phenomenon.