• On “A costly national disgrace”


    Time was in the island famous for it’s white beach, as soon as dusk came then hundreds of thousands of “kabogs” (giant flying foxes, fruit bats) flew out in the open for their routine channel crossing to the mainland to feed for the night! The sight of them was so spectacular and would have been a major tourist draw! Too bad a lot of developers (euphemism for destroyers of environment and natural wild animal habitat) bulldozed them to the ground to give way to their high end resorts. What an abortion!

    Jose Hernani M. Parco


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    1. there was a time in the 1970’s when everyone was complaining as to why there were only a few foreign tourist in the Philippines, and places have to be developed to attract foreign currencies.

      now that the dreams have become a reality, people are complaining how crowded everything has become, and wished that it was the old days.

      which way do we want it, dollars with it’s consequences, or no development with it’s consequences.

    2. Relax. The kabogs are still there. They just moved somewhere else after got kicked out by developers. There has to be a suitable place for tourists to stay after a night of kabog sightings.