On conferring the Medal of Valor on SAF commandos


IT is fitting and it is high time that Congress moves to assert its authority in demanding the conferment of the Medal of Valor on the SAF commandos involved in the Mamasapano incident last January 25

In a rare show of unity and resolve, the House of Representatives of Congress, comprising both the majority and minority blocs, has demanded that the Aquino administration should fast-track the conferment of the Medal of Valor, the highest award of the Philippine National Police, on the 44 members of the PNP Special Action Force troopers who were killed in and who survived the incident in Mamasapano.

The same demand has also been issued in the Senate, where Sen. Ralph Recto, Senate President Protempore, contended that the top award should be conferred on the slain SAF 44 commandos and other SAF troopers who figured prominently in the incident in different capacities.

Leyte Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, House independent bloc leader, led the House demand for recognition of the commandos in order to memorialize their act of heroism and to boost the morale of the entire police force.

His proposal was immediately seconded by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Quezon City Rep. Winston Castelo and Alfred Vargas.

Other representatives will surely join the clamor.

Other senators will join Recto in expressing the sense of the Senate on the issue.

Under Republic Act 9049, a Medal of Valor awardee is entitled to a lifetime monthly gratuity of P20,000. The children of an awardee shall also be given scholarships to the Philippine Military Academy or the Philippine National Police Academy and are given priority if they want to work for the government.

Honor the dead
These rewards are fine so far as they go; but more urgent and significant is the full recognition by the government and the nation of the sacrifice and heroism of the SAF troopers, particularly those who perished in the tragic encounter. For this is the sphere where honor lies.

It is good that both houses of Congress have taken cognizance of the issue and phrased their proposal as a demand, because the administration, notably President Aquino and the DILG and PNP command, have been sluggish in moving on the matter.

Congress should assert its will and resolve on the issue. The President can try to block a congressional decision to confer the medals at his own peril. He will not find support but scorn from the people for denying the SAF commandos what is due them.

It is now nearly eight months to the day when the SAF 44 met their tragic end in Mamasapano. And yet up to now our government is still at a loss on how to honor the dead and perpetuate their memory. President Aquino seems more obsessed with writing his own version of the Mamasapano story.

The Senate conducted a much-ballyhoed inquiry into the incident, but the committee chair, Sen. Grace Poe, foolishly and unilaterally decided not to write a committee report, preferring to publicize herself instead.

The House of Representatives also conducted its own inquiry into the incident, rounding up even more witnesses and resource persons. But the House committees that conducted the hearings still have to produce their committee reports.

As time passes, laziness takes over everything.

The nation must reject the sense of sloth and forgetfulness that permeates the government whenever the subject of Mamasapano comes up. It must not yield to President Aquino’s desire that the nation not remember what happened on that fateful day.

Conferring the medal of valor by legislative action is the most effective way to fight this deadening process of collective forgetting. For this way we honor heroism and sacrifice for people and country.

Some of our leaders say that we must move on from Mamasapano. But the ineluctable truth is this: we will transcend the tragedy in Mamasapano by honoring and remembering the SAF 44.

By using its powers to confer he medal of valor on them, Congress can correct a mistake and make amends for its lapses of focus, resolution and caring in dealing with the tragedy.


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  1. Para sa nag reply Kay Troy: mukhang Hindi tugma yan reply mo sa topic at out of topic ka. Isip isip muna bago mag reply para Hindi ka mapahiya. Nonsense!

  2. Ang MOV ay Hindi dapat dinedemand at yan ay kusang binibigay sa nararapat depende sa combat accomplishment sa isang kritikal na military operation. Meron Awards at Selection board na titingin dyan base sa parameters na dapat sumunod. Hindi yan turo turo system. Sa SAF 44 maaaring isa lamang ang tatanggap ng MOV at yung bumaril Kay Marwan at yung iba ay Gold Cross or higher but not MOV. Dapat ibalik na ang ROTC at Marami ng mga Filipinong Unpriotic sa ngayon.

    She was tested in the Senate and FAILED. She refused to mnake a final and complete report of the hearings because she wanted to protect her frriend PNoy who was fouynd, in own words, to have final accountability and liability for the Mamasapano massacxre. Are you basing your comments on what your propaganda want to believe but not on facts????

  3. Leodegardo Pruna on

    It is for the sake of P-Noy himself, who seems not to be bothered in conscience by the incident or otherwise, that both houses of Congress should pass a resolution awarding the Medal of Valor to the SAF 44 and comrades. With government not giving or slow in giving honors and support to the families left behind by the soldiers, a law becomes necessary from Congress to bring closure to whatever dim memories the incident caused. God bless the Philippines.

  4. I recognize the death of the SAF 44 as our soldiers fight against terrorism in our country. We should ask ourselves if the bombs that explode in public places especially in Mindanao could still have been the doing of the two bomb terrorists through the bomb making knowledge they have taught. The medal of valor is a recognition that the government drew the line where terrorism had to be stopped and the SAF 44 got killed in their line of duty. They even ran out of ammunition. They suffered intense fear then died in the battlefield. The true Filipino should be proud of the SAF 44.

  5. Ang pagkamatay ng tatay ni Aquino,ay higit pa sa hero at halos gawin Ng santo ng mga yellow at ng pamilya Aquino,Ngayon mas maraming kasamahan niya halos muntik ng mamatay sa bombing, na iniwasan niya. At iniwan niya Ang pilipinas, ang mga ito ay halos hindi naalala ng taong bayan na totoong lumaban!
    Ngayon ang SAF na ginawa nila lahat kahit mamatay masunod lang ang commander in chief at gampanan ang kanilang tungkulin sa bayan,ay trainaydor ng sarili nilang pangulo at ang masakit ipinagkakaila pa sila ng pangulong hangal!