• On Dumpit’s ‘What’s great about Great Britain’


    Well, Great Britain deserves our thanks for all these good things they are doing now.

    But we must not forget that in 1946 it illegally and immorally colonized and annexed North Borneo. The British Government suddenly turned its back on the centuries-long policy of the UK not to threat North Borneo as a dominion of the British Crown because it never was.

    The relationship between the Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo on one side and Count Overbeek and Dent was a lease that these two transferred to the North Borneo Company, a private corporation not a Crown institution. British officials, including prime ministers, rejected the idea that North Borneo was a Crown Colony like Hong Kong and the states of the Malay Peninsula.

    But Britain decided to lie about that relationship in 1946. Then when it was creating the Federation of Malaysia as an independent entity–the better to fight Communism in Southeast Asia–it (Britain) forced North Borneo to become a state of Malaysia over and above the objection of the native Sabahans and the sizeable Filipino and Christian population there.

    Subjects of the Flipino Sultan of Sulu and North Borneo in Sabah were there as residents of Sabah, which was under the Sultan’s sovereignty. Suddenly they were aliens in the fictional Sabah state under the sovereignty of Malaysia.

    With the formal transfer by the Sultan of Sulu of sovereignty over Sabah to the Philippine Government the legal claim of the Philippines to Sabah became tighter.

    That, Ms. Thelma Dumpit Murillo, is what is NOT great about Great Britain that the Filipino people and readers of The Manila Times should remember.

    E. G. Festin


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    1. …..it was also the British who first brought English to the Philippines….check your history books…..it wasn’t the Americans.

    2. In that case it is incumbent upon Great Britain to correct the wrong that was done to the Sultan of Solo. in their aspiration to recover Sabah. If an attempt is not done, it will remain a stain in the national conscience of Great Britain. If they even cares.