• On eve of Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana fight, Glovegate hits



    LAS VEGAS — If there wasn’t enough drama surrounding the welterweight title fight between Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana, now we have Glovegate.

    The Mayweather and Maidana camps could not come to an agreement after Friday’s weigh-in over the custom-made gloves that Maidana selected. The Nevada Athletic commission rejected the Everlast gloves. While Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe threatened to call the fight off, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer assured everyone that the fight will happen.

    Schaefer told reporters that the Mayweather camp complained that Maidana’s gloves did not have enough padding in the knuckle area.

    “There were some custom-made gloves for Maidana, the Everlast with the horsehair filling,” Schaefer said. “There are two types of gloves, the ones with the foam padding and the ones with the horsehair. The third type is a combination of the two.

    “What we’re talking about here, though, (are gloves) that were in the (blue) Argentinian colors. Those were ruled by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as not conforming. They were not allowed.”

    Schaefer said Everlast produced gloves with foam and gloves without foam, all of which were OK’d by the commission. But by about 8 p.m. PT, there had been no agreement between the two camps.

    “Everything will be OK, it’s just a matter of the teams working out which kind of gloves they will use,” Schaefer said.”They’re still talking about it but everything will be worked out.”

    The commission, Schaefer said, looks at the gloves, and has final approval.

    “I have to say, I was called into this, and I was called in when the (bleep) almost hit the fan,” Schaefer said. “By that time, the blue-colored gloves, everyone had touched them, so it’s not really fair to say they did not conform, but by the time I saw them, there was very thin padding.

    “When you have gloves, to make them eight ounces is easy, the question is where’s the weight distributed. You can have gloves with eight ounces, and two ounces (in the front) and six ounces (in the back).”

    Schaefer believes the commission might have to implement rules moving forward where if someone is going to use customized gloves, they’re going to have to be presented to the commission long before the weigh-in, so that both camps can look at them and avoid these kinds of disputes.”

    “I’m told they’re going to fight, they’re both going to wear gloves and everyone is going to be happy,” Schaefer said, adding that glove controversies are fairly common..

    “You always have some kind of controversy where it makes Friday night miserable for the promoter,” he joked.



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    1. Jose Baking on

      What if they just fight without gloves? That way, no cheating. it would be just like the Ultimate Fighting Championship, except, without the kicking.