On GMA’s petition: Will no one speak for Truth, Justice and Mercy?


What should we show society and most especially the next generation? For me, what is important is, if you committed a crime, you must pay for it.
– President Benigno Aquino 3rd commenting on bail for his predecessor

What can moral figures and legal luminaries of the country say about President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s comments on the bail petition of former president Gloria Arroyo and the resolution of a House of Representatives bloc, including administration legislators, for the Sandiganbayan court to grant the Pampanga congresswoman house arrest?

Do any of our Cardinals — Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Vidal, past and present Manila Archbishops Gaudencio Rosales and Luis Antonio Tagle, and Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo — find anything objectionable in Aquino’s views, especially on moral and Christian grounds?

What about former Chief Justices Hilario Davide, Artemio Panganiban and Reynato Puno? Do they think it upholds justice and judicial independence for the Chief Executive to openly oppose petitions before the courts? Not to mention saying in so many words that an accused who is presumed innocent, has committed a crime and should pay for it.

Two leading professional bodies would also be good to hear from. The Integrated Bar of the Philippines stands up for the rule of law and human rights. Do Aquino’s comments advance those IBP tenets? Then there is the Philippine Medical Association, the premier group of physicians. Is the PMA fine with Aquino’s misrepresentation of findings by both government and personal doctors that Arroyo’s delicate health would benefit from staying home with her family?

These august personages and institutions probably missed Aquino’s latest Arroyo-bashing, or just dismissed it as a presidential quirk no amount of criticism can stop.

But what about public morals, human life, law and justice? Should paragons of religion, law and medicine stay mum about President Aquino’s open opposition to Arroyo’s bail or house arrest, thus pressuring judges to deny what can greatly improve her health, alleviate her suffering, and even save her life? Plus truly serve justice.

Consider this: The plunder conspiracy charge detaining Arroyo sans bail over allegedly misspent sweepstakes funds is weak, leading the Sandiganbayan to lift detention for all her co-accused. And even for the guilty, it violates both Christian morals and Philippine law if the state endangers his or her life, since we have no death penalty.

And imperil Arroyo is what continued detention does by denying her corrective surgery abroad, which is where she would rightly want it done after three unsatisfactory operations by topnotch specialists here in our country.

Speak up for truth, mercy, justice and rights
If our moral and legal lights fail to shine on this issue, then, to paraphrase Aquino’s remarks quoted above, what are we showing society and the next generation by just quietly accepting his affronts to Christian mercy, as well as to justice and truth?

For starters, he wrongly portrayed house arrest as indicating Arroyo does not need hospital care. In fact, her physicians and those of the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) hosting her agree that home stay with family and constituency would improve her health.

Given Arroyo’s life-threatening condition of a misaligned titanium implant in her neck possibly causing suffocation, it was both untruthful and unkind for Aquino to dissemble and ask, “If she has no medical issue, then why keep her in a hospital?”

Surely, religious leaders, at the very least, should admonish that it is false and uncharitable to misrepresent the true state of a detained, ailing 68-year-old woman who could die if food lodges in her throat due to the wayward implant protruding into it. That is the compassionate, truthful and Christian thing to do.

And the national association of physicians, if true to their oath to care for the sick, must correct the misimpression foisted by Aquino, concealing the consensus of attending doctors that home stay would greatly help Arroyo. The PMA must set this medical record straight.

Interfering with impunity
As for our esteemed Chief Justices and the legal community’s IBP, will they leave unremarked the insinuations by the President, whose appointing authority can sway judges, that the accused Arroyo is guilty?

Such silence has sadly abetted Aquino meddling and challenges to judicial processes and rulings since even before he became president. As candidate, he disputed the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision that the Constitution’s provision for a 90-day period to fill court vacancies, overrides its election ban on appointments.

In his first months in office, Aquino interfered with the six-year-old Oakwood Mutiny trial, ordering Justice Secretary Leila de Lima to withdraw evidence. When his first Executive Order creating the Philippine Truth Commission was ruled unconstitutional for targeting the past administration, Aquino launched his repeated attacks on judicial rulings.

That animosity escalated with his November 2011 rebuke of then Chief Justice Renato Corona, after High Court decisions lifting Secretary de Lima’s travel ban on the Arroyos and ordering the Hacienda Luisita of Aquino’s Cojuangco clan redistributed.

Then came the Malacañang-orchestrated Corona impeachment, with Aquino campaigning for Senate conviction and releasing billions of pesos in pork barrel for lawmakers supporting ouster. Plus the P157-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program, whose banning by the Supreme Court got Aquino publicly disputing the unanimous DAP decision.

So legal luminaries understandably are resigned to endless Aquino meddling in court cases, defending allies (he bailed out two administration stalwarts in Sandiganbayan cases) and all but declaring opponents guilty.

No matter the weak plunder charge against Arroyo, rushed in 2012 after she won bail in a flimsy election sabotage case. The first panel of Ombudsman lawyers found no plunder, and the Sandiganbayan court exonerated or granted bail to co-defendants in the alleged conspiracy.

That should have led to bail for Arroyo, at least. But Aquino blocked it, even promising a High Court post, according to a veteran lawyer in the know.

With religious and justice personages and institutions largely silent over Arroyo’s treatment, it seems no one cares to stop the very powerful and vindictive bullying their way against truth, justice, morals and mercy. That’s the unjust and unchristian message for Filipinos.


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  1. LA 702 misses the point ! All GMA is asking for is to be released on bail! Her co-accused were released on bail!

  2. Gloria Arroyo is in detention for mismanaging the peoples money. GMA is saying she’s not guilty of plunder and accuses Aquino of personal vendetta. The president that preceded her could have been anybody and the result would have been the same. Plunder is stealing, period.

    Other people would choose freedom over money, GMA chose money.

  3. Aside from lack of empathy, this president lacks basic intelligence as well. It is our misfortune that we have this man as president of the republic. All the chaos and tribulations we see around us speaks a lot about the attributes of this man which is the root of everything that is wrong in this administration.

  4. May your narcissistic tribe increase, Mongoloid Penoy – so the people would always have living reminder to be always on GUARD – not EVER let this circa 2010 – 2016 happen again, and a lesson learned.

    These AQUINO’s are the Scourge of this impoverished Islands of the Thieves.

  5. The Self Righteous One has NO Christian Morals, has no balls to back up his hollow boast Daang Matuwid. The powers he has on his hands has totally blinded his human side – that is if he has anything left – to hold on to – once he steps down from this position of powers he is currently wielding with such impunity – and in the very near future – he, himself faces the karmic mantra of what comes around goes around – only to realize then , NOT even the political gimmickry of Daang Matuwid could save him, his reputation, and legacy kicked around just like a can on the streets…

  6. The President is correct on His comment ” if you committed a crime, you must pay for it” and thus it follow GMA should be denied of bail and should sit it out in jail.

    I agree with this but what dont sit well with the current situation is that why are GMA’s co-accuse in the plunder case allowed to post bail and enjoy their temporary liberty? Only one is singled out and not allow to post bail?

    Also up till now no specifics or as in JPE’s case no bill of particular presented by the prosecutor?

    Also everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty why is the President treating his predecessor as if already “guilty” of the crime.

    Just asking

    • … ang isa pang tanong ay tungkol sa Mastermind – Ninoy Aquinod Assasination. Bakit si Noynoy at lahat ng magkakapatid, walang interes sa kaso? Kalimutan na raw, napatawad na raw nila… bakit? Sino?

  7. Truth, Justice and Mercy have always been relative, not absolute concepts, especially since the yellows came into power, and make no mistake, GMA IS A YELLOW! If you ask me, she and her husband should be thrown in that cell where she jailed Erap the first time he was arrested, and where he would have spent all those seven years if the Iglesia Ni Kristo had not intervened. I wonder why the Iglesia is not intervening for GMA now. I will not list any more the countless times this yellows were inconsistent with Truth Justice and Mercy. I will simply simply ask: How were Truth, Justice and Mercy served with their treatment of Marcos, Erap, Lacson and now Enrile? Only hypocrisy is unmistakably absolute.

  8. Maria Stevens on

    Although I have no sympathy with GMA..she is probably just as dishonest as the rest of the deadbeats who run (Or rather RUIN) this country she certainly should have been to trial be now, and therefore she should be given bail under the strictest conditions..also JUSTICE DELAYED . IS JUSTICE DENIED.

  9. Justaskingseriously on

    No cabe duda. Not a trace of doubt. The strange god BS serves is Mammon. Matthew 6:24 — one cannot serve God and Mammon. His whole life is consumed by Mammon. Anything and anyone coming between BS and his strange god deserves to be punished. He must be such a charmer to women who serve Mammon too like the women he has put in charge of serving justice to make sure that his woman-predecessor get served with the punishment commensurate with the unforgivable crime of appointing a Chief Justice who stood between BS and the Mammon of an Hacienda. Dictatorship is diametrically opposed to the rule of law. Laws need to be bent to bow to a dictator. Unmarried or bachelor dictators do not have checks and balances. BS’s predecessor happens to be a woman. A confirmed misogynist can only hate her with all the vile bile contents of his gall….”Tingting” may be just what all self-respecting women need to bring down a misogynist of a dictator.

  10. If men are too afraid to speak out, God in His actions speaks out loudly. He has sustained Pres Arroyo thus far and will do so throughout this ordeal. I believe Pres Arroyo is innocent of the charges laid upon her and if only her case is allowed to move through the courts that she will be vindicated and the case dismissed. Unfortunately, they have chosen to deny her this. But I still hold firm in the belief that God is just and merciful. He will have mercy on Pres Arroyo and apply justice to her accusers. In His Time.

  11. Don’t ever dream of ABNOY to change his VINDICTIVE attitude or never think of DAVIDE giving a positive response on this regard. DAVIDE will support whatever ABNOY wants. to the extend of burning his own soul. He has been going around talking about the advantages of the BBL which he leads to design, but never did he think of million of Filipinos that will be affected if his proposal and design will prosper. Naging Chief Justice siya ngunit wala siyang puso’t damdamin para sundin an Saligang Batas, sa kapakanan pa kaya ng kapuwa niya tao
    Before, I dIslike GMA so that campaign for the election of ABNOY even I am here in a foreign land. I was confident then that, he will be a GOOD LEADER , unlike his mother who have not done anything good for the Philippines except the flyovers. I did’nt even thinks of him very VINDICTIVE having brought up by a religious family and attended on the the best Catholic Schools in the Philippines. the norm of which is to FORGET AND FORGIVE. Since his day one in office he never forgets and always turn back on what had happened during the previous administration.
    May kasabihan na “ANG TAONG LINGON NA LINGON SA NAKARAAN AY HINDI MAKAKARATING SA PUPUNTAHAN”, Ito ang nangyayari kay ABNOY walang malinaw na direcsion ang kanyang Tuwid na Daan. DIYOS KO IKAW NA ANG BAHALA SA KANILA.

  12. How can GMA commit a crime when she is not convicted yet?!Pnoy revengeful tendencies will lead our country to disaster ” Tuwid na Daan sa Kankungan”!