• On ‘Is the Philippines a Christian or post-Christian country?’


    Yes, indeed, the Philippines, judging from the fact that senators and congressmen, governors, mayors and barangay leaders go to Roman Catholic Masses and novenas, similar Aglipayan Catholic observances, and Aglipayan-Anglican services, and mainstream Christian Protestant services (where they don’t make the sign of the cross!), continues to be a Christian country. But these officials and politicians probably only show their weekly or occasional performance of Catholic acts of faith, reverence and worship because they don’t wan’t to be criticized by their rivals. The masses of Filipinos —majority of them without understanding the true meaning of being Roman Catholic followers of Our Lord Jesus and without paying attention to what the correct doctrine of the Church is as explained by the bishops and the doctrinally faithful priests– count themselves as faithful Catholics.

    On the other hand, the proof that the Philippines is not Christian or at most only post-Christian, as Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams defines it, is that majority of the congressmen and senators and local government officials are so anti-Christian in their acts of corruption and disregard for the plight of the poor and needy, so wiling to steal the government funds for the shelter, feeding and clothing of the destitute and homeless and victims of calamity.

    And they support the so-called Reproductive Health Law, which does not promote the health of mothers but just helps them achieve pregnancy prevention or in fact termination. The RH Law is pure and simple a population control law that the Philippine Constitution prohibits! President Aquino and the lawmakers and the public that rallied for and pushed for the enactment of the RH Law were acting under the guidance and with the funding and ideological backing of the Western Powers and the UN’s anti=-Christian Planned Parenthood movement and mafia!

    In that sense, the Philippine is not only unChristian or post-Christian but really followers of the anti-religion and anti-natural law position. which is anti-Christian, anti-commonsense and anti-mankind.

    Anima A. Agrava


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