On ‘SC ruling on RH law entrenches Catholic dogma’


“Mainstream” and “more” are not scientific terms. They do not convey scientific truthfulness. Truth does not bend to democracy.

It is interesting that Catholics now update their truths with what is discovered scientifically. Now Catholics believe that human conception actually happens seconds after the union of human sperm and egg? Very scientific!

Viability is surety of something to continue. It means, what was to continue is already there. For the case of implantation as a sign of viability, it would be viability that life will continue. Therefore, life should have started before this event. The claim is that it started at fertilization — the union of sperm and egg. Makes sense to me.



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  1. I agree to the concept, when conception starts, but for those who are against the use of the pill, there is a KREIGHTON MODEL FERTILITY CARE SYSTEM that they can avail themselves to use. It might be cumbersome but it is based on natural law. Ask your healthcare worker or consult your priest if this is ok, if available in RP.