• On the editorial ‘ERC forced to do its duty’


    You are absolutely correct, Manila Times.

    The ERC has acted criminally in:

    (1) neglecting to act on the looming power crisis, which years ago, even Mr. Oscar Lopez, patriarch after the death of Geni Lopez of the Lopez clan, that new generating units and power generation system must be built at once to forestall brownouts caused by supply shortages.

    (2) Going along with the greedy and profit-only minded owners of Meralco and the generating companies.

    (3) Letting the WESM, PSALM, Meralco do what they want to happen instead of creating a truly market-driven power market.

    Government officials, like soldiers who refuse to fight the enemy, should be punished. They should not only be punished for receiving bribes (which can be hard to prove) but also for failing or refusing to do their duty. That is clearly criminal, specially when the economy is harmed, the people are made to suffer and development is thwarted by their inaction and incompetence (which can actually have a corrupt motive).

    Anima A. Agrava


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