• On the lookout for Canada’s PM

    Enrique Peña Nieto & Justin Trudeau

    Enrique Peña Nieto & Justin Trudeau

    If there is anyone this side of the news has been looking forward to see among the world leaders who are in the country for this week’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, it has to be Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    Barely two weeks into his post, the 43-year-old has hogged headlines worldwide, not only for his promising plans for his nation, but also because–well–he is a “hottie.”

    Back in October when he led the Liberal Party to victory in Canada’s federal elections, the Toronto Sun wrote, “Yes, yes, thank you world for pointing it out. We realize: wWe elected a hottie.” The UK Mirror, on the other hand, blatantly asked, “Is Justin Trudeau the sexiest politician in the world?”, while the Hollywood Reporter was more cheeky with its “Is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau actually a Disney Prince?”

    Well, Trudeau did have a quick brush with show business back in 2007 when he appeared in a TV miniseries about Canada’s participation in the First World War (The Great War, 2007, CBC TV). He played a real-life Quebec hero named Talbot Papineau. Politics, however, is very much in his blood, having been born while his father, Pierre Trudeau, was Prime Minister in 1971. He is also the first child of a former prime minister to be elected to the same office, and the second youngest Canadian leader in history.

    Moreover, the 6-foot-2 looker of a leader is also blessed with six-pack abs to go with his Prince Charming features, because he is an avid boxer who goes in the ring for charity.

    A hottie and a sweetie, Trudeau arrived in Manila on Tuesday looking gorgeous in a one-button suit. He is also expected to rock Paul Cabral’s barong tagalog at the APEC Family Photo, which as of press time, is still several hours away.

    Due to fly out Friday, Trudeau deserves to take a bow for giving the APEC summit that added star power that always makes serious business all the more interesting.

    Times readers root for Nieto

    The dashing good looks of Canada’s prime minister and Mexico’s president have sparked the unlikely hashtag “#APEChottie” to go viral in the Philippines on the week Manila plays host to the Asia Pacific Economic Conference.

    For much of the week, social media has been filled with angry tirades at the huge traffic disruption caused by security measures for the two-day summit.

    But in the last day the mood has improved as Filipinos lose themselves in the dreamy eyes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Enrique Peña Nieto.

    Their arrival in Manila has got tongues wagging and keyboards clicking, with both social and traditional media filled with compliments for the two heads of government.

    Nieto immediately shot to prominence after footage and pictures of him waving and winking at photographers as he arrived in Manila on Tuesday were posted on news portals.

    Netizens, who were already smitten with Nieto, were once shaken upon seeing Trudeau who arrived a few hours later.

    The frenzy sparked a “competition” between Trudeau and Nieto that resulted in the creation of the hashtag #APECHottie. Netizens even formed teams to support the two dashing world leaders – those rooting for the Mexican president called themselves “Team Papi” while those for the Canadian PM adopted the moniker “TeamBae”.

    The Manila Times on Tuesday posted a composite of the two leaders’ pictures on its official Facebook page and posed the question: “Canada or Mexico? Who is your #APECHottie? And the verdict — Nieto emerged victorious with 2,364 likes beating Trudeau who got 1,664 likes.

    The question was viewed 288,692 times.

    The informal poll generated some interesting comments.

    A Facebook user commented, “Ang guapo, may asawa na ba yan? [He’s so handsome, is he married?].”

    Gloria B. Wilhelm – who roots for Trudeau — said, “GOLLY, my boy is behind. To The Manila Times, now that you got me riding on this fun bandwagon, make sure Canada wins …

    Life is too short to be serious… Lighten up … Thanks to whoever started this.”
    Lourdes Labarcon-Evangelista – who backs the Mexican leader – said, “Si Nieto siempre….malinis, mabango..walang dalang basura from Canada!” as she referred to the controversial illegal shipment of trash from Trudeau’s country, which environmentalists have been lobbying should be taken up with the youthful prime minister.

    Tessa Marie could not decide on one: “Pwede clang dalawa (Can I choose the two of them) they are both hottie.”

    And there are those who are not amused with the fun poll.

    Kaye Margaja said, “I can’t believe this! Such an irrelevant survey! Why do we care who’s hotter? I pick Canada!”



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    1. Gloria B. Wilhelm on

      Thanks, The Manila Times. It was fun; I didn’t realise that I still have some “kilig” left in me. ***giggles***

    2. Guillermo Avila on

      That’s our Pambansang Bae in Canada! It’s too early to judge him but looking back to the history of Migration of Filipinos and the rest of the world, it was his Dad, Prime Minister back then who open that door of Canada for us who are here! Long Live Justin.