On ‘Two disasters, two paths, a sweet-and-sour result’


It’s so sad, Mr. Makabenta, that my favorite country outside of the United States is in the situation it is in.

What puzzles us, and we’re glad of it, is why, despite the foolishness of the Aquino Administration you have described, Philippine GDP is among the brightest in the world.

God must have a plan for the Philippines and the wonderful Filipino people.

One thing that is happening is this: All over the world, wherever there are Filipinos and Filipino families, once dead Christian, especially Roman Catholic, communities become alive again because of the Filipinos. Their active participation in parish life makes Catholics of other races start coming back to the Church and become regular churchgoers again.

The Catholic Filipinos lead in organizing processions and churchyard fairs and the Irish, Italian and Polish Americans also become active.

God bless you Filipinos.

May President Benigno Aquino suddenly wake up and become a better leader with sound Catholic values.

Phylliss Quinn
Metuchin, New Jersey


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