• On ‘UP business dean academically incompetent’


    Is it really Dean Guitierrez’s original idea to rename the UP CBA? Why did the Board of Regents (BOR) approve the Dean’s recommendation without serious thoughts and debate? And why is the UP President silent on this very important issue?
    I think the first question for the BOR to settle is: Is it proper for UP to name a college, school or institute after a person? Assuming the answer is yes, which I don’t agree in principle. Then, the next question is: What are the qualifications or accomplishments or under what circumstances such distinction would be bestowed to such person?
    Remember, this is the first time that a college of UP has been named after a person so strict guidelines should have been first agreed upon.
    Tony Lim

    Dean Gutierrez should have invoked other reputable business schools named after persons to support his action. Tiglao is just capitalising on the weakness of the dean’s reliance on one school’s example.

    So many “could have beens” and “would have beens”. Let us see. Had Marcos adhered to his legitimate term, Ninoy Aquino would have been our President. Sayang, di ba? But how would he have fared as President? We will never know of course but we could speculate. For me, knowing now his secret connections with the Communist movement and his friendships with JoMa Sison and Kumander Dante, frankly I shudder. I also have a long list of “could have beens” starting from here but it is an exercise in futility. We can’t go back in time can we?


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