On water scarcity, Jojo Binay, Ate Guy and Tita Miriam

Ej Lopez

Ej Lopez

More than any other political and economic distraction that we have grown tired of reading in major newspaper dailies, the availability of some basic resources essential for our daily needs seem to be wanting as far as our local market is concerned. The scarcity and the exorbitant prices of garlic in the market, not to mention the continuous increase in the rice prices, have grown unabated, in fact has resulted in the spiraling cost of other commodities in the consumers basket.

But more than that, the resource that man cannot live without—water—has hit the danger mark, and has unduly prejudiced other products that are likewise basic to man’s existence.

Usually, the month of May ushers in the start of the rainy season, but a couple of months have passed and the rainfall so far has not been enough to replenish our dams. Water is one component that is essential to anything and everything—the source of our potable drinking water, farm irrigations, commercial needs and the likes; practically, the source of life. But lo and behold! This natural resource is wanting, two months after the supposed rainy season has begun.

The country has experienced this predicament time and again and yet no clear-cut solution has been grasped by water authorities. In this age of technological advancement, can we not device plans or means to utilize other areas or dams when a shortage occurs? The trouble with our bureaucratic system is its mediocrity. Bureaucratic people lack the initiative for improvement unless driven by additional funds. Seldom will you find people in the bureaucracy who are both efficient and competent with an utmost desire for public service.

Despite an overflow of rainwater brought about by incessant typhoons and monsoon rains during the rainy months, the dearth of usable water supply still persists come the next onset of the summer season. Notwithstanding the advancements made in technology, authorities in charge of managing our natural resources have not been able to device a plan to stock up enough reserve that would negate this nagging dilemma of water shortage.

This is a vicious cycle that occurs year in and year out, as regular and unceasing as political issues that come out every now and then; familiar issues that continue to hog the headlines of major newspaper dailies; political issues that have always been a pain in the neck of each and every caring member of the citizenry.

Consider these: VP Jejomar Binay was again put on the spot for alleged pork misuse, Nora Aunor delisted by the Office of the President from the roster of National Artist awardees and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago declaring her intention to run for the presidency in 2016 despite her pronouncement of having stage-four lung cancer.

Still a good two years from now until the national elections, political innuendos and all sorts of political maneuvers are slowly surfacing to favor certain individuals or otherwise various political daydreamers.

Yet despite the tarnished track record of these personalities, they get elected to the post, not really because they possess the qualities required of a good leader but because of a lack of better alternative and he or she is the lesser evil among the presented crop of candidates.

Even the extreme popularity of the only Superstar of Philippine Movies, Ms. Nora Aunor, was not spared from going “viral” both on print and the social media. Ms. Aunor’s delisting from the National Artists awardees by the President has caught the ire of many Filipinos, moviegoers or not. Of what significance is Ms. Aunor’s personal life to her achievements and contributions to the Philippine movie industry? In the first place it is not an award for a nominee that would be declared as blessed, venerable or saint.

Are we sure that all or some who had been declared National Artists and given the same accolades had been morally upright? Aunor’s talents and performance as an artist should be duly recognized and not in any way be diminished by whatever moral failings she has committed in the past. God himself has not grown tired of forgiving our sins despite our repeated offenses. So what right have we to judge other people’s action as immoral? Even sinners have been declared as saints: St.
Mary of Egypt, who at age 12, ran away from home and became an accomplished seductress; St. Olga of Kiev, who massacred an entire tribe to avenge her husband’s death in their hands and a lot more, such as St. Thomas Becket of England.
“Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone…”

Sen. Miriam Santiago, the only authentic, genuine opposition and conscience in the legislative branch has declared an interest to run for the highest post in 2016.

Some may have raised their eyebrows with the declaration of Tita Miriam but come to think of it, her track record as an indefatigable, principled legislator, earned her a lot of followers in the political arena. Her reputation as an incorruptible public official that dates back as early as her “Movers” days during the early ‘90s makes her a force to reckon with, not only as an alternative candidate but a major contender for the upcoming Presidential election.

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  1. You put it different to me. I say these people are incompetent. If they were competent they would get it sorted one way or another. But its the same in everything i look at here. I know all the foreigners i speak to say exactly the same thing on how incompetent everyone in any place of power here seems to be. Its like saying plunder is a non bailable offence. How many times do we get told that, yet all 3 senators have applied for bail. Im english & in english non bailable beans for that offence bail isnt allowed by law. But this is the philippines & what means one thing in england well frankly can mean anything in the philippines.