On “Where was God when Abad or Enrile or Drilon okayed PDAF disbursements” Sunday Read by Rene Q. Bas


Where was God when Abad or Enrile or Drilon okayed PDAF disbursements?
There was no God at this time as these people who are sick in mind and in spirit are playing gods themselves.
Alfredo Jose

* * *

What a morally miserable nation we have been made by the present crop (crap?) of leaders in Malacanang and the House of Representatives and the Senate.

They are just as despicable as the bad leaders of Africa and Haiti during the times of Idi Amin and Duvalier. But most African and Haitian politicians are much better now. The Philippine leaders have become more adept at HYPOCRISY and are worse even than those of the Marcos regime.

During the Marcos regime and the Gloria M Arroyo times, there were good Christians and Catholics who had a say. They broke away with Marcos but they stayed on with Gloria.
Now there is no one with President Aquino. Is it true that he has closed down the chapel in Malacanang?
Juliet A. H. S. Arciwal

* * *

After they (PDAF receivers: Senators, Congressmen) get their kickebacks, they will pray to God and donate to their churches. Then they are saved.
Jing Chua

* * *

“Oh, yes, the name of His Excellency the President should also be in the headline. Sec. Abad would not have had the guts to give the okay to the PDAF releases without President Aquino’s go signal.”
The President BRIBED and now he is trying to catch the “Katiwalian” he knew from the onset. PNoy’s motives contradict his actions. This PDAF will continue to go on circles and will result to nothing.
Pinky Luy

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  1. These scumbags never think of what’s good for the poor people , they only think what’s good for them on how to rob the peoples money, they play god that nobody could catch them, till we now know we have despicable evil runs our system…