On Yogi and cellulitis

Rene Saguisag

Rene Saguisag

To paraphrase the unique Yogi Berra,manager of the New York Yankees of Happy Childhood Memory, fired after a title Series loss, “I will never make the mistake of being 70 again.” In my case, turning 74, last August 14.

For some reason I have not been the same again and got hospitalized for almost two weeks – Sept. 9-22 – in Makati Med. for cellulitis (gout). I paid the price for decades of kare-kare, chicharong bulaklak, at atbp).

The first time I was hospitalized from November 8 to December 7, 2007, when the family was the object of the competence, generosity, kindness, professionalism and malasakit of the medical community. A senior member told me last week that he had not known me but attended my senatorial bonfire victory in June 1987 in Mendiola; he had to be there to share the people’s triumph.

In 2007, I was told that in one board meet fellow Bedan Manny Pangilinan said for Makati Med to help one who did not steal while in government. The only other Bedan
I will mention is Dr. Tyrone Reyes who visited me, this month. We must have met in 60’s, in San Beda, when I was in Pre-law and Ty was in high school; anyone gifted and named by his folks after a Hollywood swashsbucklin’ tsik-boy (Tyrone Power) who visited Manila was bound to be remembered. Tsismis galore. We lamented that San Beda Mendiola frequent demos have diminished Mendiola’s appeal to nervous parents affecting enrollment in the venue.

In any case, there are far too many health case pros to identify who they are. They know who they are. Pinoys are tops in giving care. TYTYTYTYTY
Last September 8, after class in San Beda Law Alabang, I went to Solaire to dancexercise (’twas Saturday night). I felt unwell, with a swollen right hand and could not spin my partner the way I routinely would. Spin, like a top. My dance mate. As in the Jurassic 60’s, which move I never or seldom see today.

I saw the group of medico-legal Teresita Sanchez. Tes and I had sort of informally agreed to meet that night because earlier in the week, we came way from Trece Martires after she and I had a pro bono (puro abono) patients/clients mother and daughter detained since February 2012 in the provincial jail. We were assured they would be released presently. Let’s hope so. Another fragment in the short and simple annals of the poor.

Trece Martires has come a long way since I tried a case there in the 60’s against super-lawyer Ben Valte, a companero/caballero of the old school. We have not met since those days when Cavite was the Wild Wild South.

I don’t recall when Frank Chavez and I last met. He did call last year or so and we did talk lightly about various matters. I have a better recollection when we first met in his SyCip Law Office pre-Ninoy ‘83 about a complex case we eventually solved, win-win, the way we would when I was a young lawyer. No way we couldn’t settle when both sides were ready to be reasonable, given the vicissitudes of litigational attrition.

Came August 21, 1983. Ninoy was salvaged. The angry carabao could no longer be contained. And Frank (of Sycip Law) openly joined the vocal protest movement. In one memorable march-rally in late November 1984, Frank, Tanny Tanada, Bobby, Behn Cevantes, Doc Sarabia, Ed Garcia, Lean Alejandro, Fr. Joe Dizon, et al., and I stood our ground, kapit-bisig, while being water-cannoned, etc. I have many images of my gutsy comrades, but I will always remember them that way.

It was in 1977 when I first met 2012 pro impeachment (Rene Corona’s) Jose Justiniano in a military commission. He later joined SyCip, where he worked together with Frank in a live-and-let-live atmosphere. We all do what makes us feel good.


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