On your editorial ‘Perception of graft surges– so what?’


SWS has been very biased in favor the Aquino family ever since the middle class, the Church hierarchy and the political and economic elite of the Philippines decided to remove the Marcos Dictatorship. It has been releasing suspicious survey results throughout the years of this Second Aquino Regime.

I agree with you, Manila Times, that whether this survey’s findings are credible or not it doesn’t matter anyway. And that this is because the BS Aquino Regime control all the executive department agencies (including the police and the miitary), the supposedly independent and constitutional commissions, both houses of the supposedly independent and co-equal legislative branch of government (the Congress). Only the majority in the Supreme Court (including those who are reputed to be President BS Aquino’s groupies) has been showing the patriotic duty to assess the legality and constitutionality of some of this Regime’s actions.

We need a wise and patriotic Supreme Court to check the descent into nothingness of our Philippine Republic. We must pray and do what we can to encourage the whole Judiciary to be patriotic, moral and truly just guided by well-formed consciences and the rule of law and love of following the will of the Highest Authority.

G. M. Kuizon
Novaliches, QC


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  1. I can see your political tinge and that destroys any ” goodness” in your argument. One can never be impartial or be representing the best for the nation if one’s view is clouded by personal and political bias.