On your editorial ‘Pres. Aquino must not commit treason’


Thank you, Manila Times, for reminding your readers of this important issue. Sabah is a part of the sovereign territory of the Republilc of the Philippines. That is why up to now the Malaysian government gives a check every year to the Sultanate of Sulu for their rental of North Borneo as stipulated in the Lease Deed of 1878 between the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo and the businessmen Overbeek and Dents.

Malaysia’s claim over Sabah proceeds from the illegal, colonialist and imperialist act of the UK in 1946 to unilaterally abrogate all the documents and commitments of the British Government. These commitments were stated in the British Parliament by their prime ministers and the relevant ministers tasked with monitoring British possessions overseas that “the Sultan of Sulu has sovereignty over North Borneo.”

When Malaysia as a Federation was created, and it illegally included Sabah, President Diosdado Macapagal protested and had several Summits with his Malaysian and Indonesian counterparts. (I was a young man then and I don’t mind telling you and your readers that, in response to Manila Times articles and a particular page 1 headline “Mobilization for Sabah,” I was preparing to join a Filipino expeditionary force to enter Sabah and prevent it from being forcibly made part of Malaysia.) After each of these summits, documents were signed in which the Malaysian government stated that it recognizes that the Philippines has an outstanding claim on Sabah which is to be solved peacefully and legally.

And, as I stated above, Malaysia has continued to pay rent to the Sultanate of Sulu which has legally and formally handed over its sovereign title to Sabah to the Philippine government and state.

Fellow Filipinos, please realize that if Sabah physically returns to the Philippines its energy reserves (including oil) would become Philippine property and can help solve the miserable state of poverty of one-half of our population.

Indeed this is a case of grave imperialist injustice committed by the United Kingdom against the Muslim Filipinos of the Sultanate of Sulu and to the entire Filipino people in general.

By the way, please also realize that when our great patriot and national hero was being stressed by Spanish oppression, one of the things he wished he could do was –if allowed by the Spanish governor-general of the Philippines– to form a community in Sabah with his relatives and friends from Laguna. This shows by implication that Dr. Rizal was aware that North Borneo, while on lease to the British, was part of the Philippine imperial colony of Spain because it’s (Sabah’s) owner was/is the Sultanate of Sulu (part of the Philippine colony).

God forbid that President Aquino, his Foreign Affairs secretary, the Philippine military and police (if not the AFP and PNP heads) and the other members of the Cabinet are decided on surrendering our legal claim Sabah to Prime Minister Razak and the other the heirs in Malaysia of imperialist Great Britain.

Anima A. Agrava
Felix Huertas
Sta. Cruz, Manila    


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  1. Rosauro Feliciano on

    This annexation of North Borneo (renamed Sabah by the occupiers) by the Federation of Malaya (now named Malaysia) with full support of Britain is a fake deal. This is why Malaysia has been very keen in brokering this peace between the MILF and our government because of this Sabah issue, which by all means the Suluans Muslims and the Christian sympathizers are cool to this MILF peace treaty with the government. We should involved Indonesia and not only Malaysia from the start of the negotiation because Indonesia is a true friend of the Filipino people ever since because we help her in her struggle against the Dutch. Folks, mark my words eventually this MILF as an organization will opt to join the Federation of Malaysia and under all circumstances it will be a bloody war. So since we can no longer back track this agreement, what we have to do is to make our military very strong because Malaysia will be at the side of the MILF at that time. Malaysia has strong armed forces far much stronger than our AFP and much of its financial resources come from North Borneo oil revenue; however, we are more powerful in terms of human resources. We cannot trust Malaysia as it is considered the Russia of the Far East Asia. We would have been much safer if the peace talk between the MILF and the GRP had been brokered by Indonesia because Indonesia historically is our close ally among ASEAN states. Let us support the so called Modernization of our Military as we are indeed need to support this peace-package between the MILF and our government, but we must be prepared for that eventuality when the MILF wants to secede from our country.

  2. Whatever it is, Our claim is upto writings only. We could do NOTHING since our country is crippled by these Plunderer Politicians, Oligarchs etc that we haven’t prepared for external problem that will arise. what these DOROBO Pilipino politicians has greatly prepared for their own vested interest sucking all the Pilipino hard earned money.

    Let’s accept the truth that Philippines is a country of NO HOPE & land of the Corrupt!

  3. Mutalib Rahman is misinformed. His source of information obviously from Malaysia is misinformed as he. He should read the historical facts from the British records in London to get the truth.

  4. If Malaysia can show any manifesto legally and historically rights that these Sabah belong to them then there’s no used to dispute the ownership title, but paying rent means it only says their is a real owner. Malaysia are grabbing land which they did not own. Sabah is belong to Philippines and that is the absolute truth. One day war will broke out if these is not settled peacefully.

  5. Mutalib Rahman on

    Again I wish everyone do their research before making any claim.

    First of all, Malaysia never claim or Annex Sabah. Sabah gain independent from colonial British on 31st August 1963. Together with Singapore, Sarawak and Federation of Malay they formed Federation of Malaysia. In 1965, Singapore withdrew from the federation. Now Malaysia is a Federation of 3 independent countries.

    Second, there is never rent payment. Please check your fact – the small token of payment collected over all this year is called “Secession Payment”. What exactly that i leave it for you to make your own research.

    Lastly, how can another country claim sovereignty over another independent and sovereign country? Sabah independent is fully endorsed by United Nations. Using historical claim that the Sulu own north borneo is completely misleading. The sultanate of Brunei until today denied to handover North Borneo to Sulu. The only reasons the Overbeck need to ask the Sulu Sultanate to seceded North Borneo of their control because they just bunches of pirates whom activities only will disrupt the peace and order of Overbeck business interests.

    The Philippines is strongly condemned China for their historical claim activities. The same basis is used by Philippines on Sabah (an independent and sovereign country)? Double Standard?

  6. Matthew Parkes on

    The people of Sabah do not want to be part of the failed state of the Philippines and the Aquino family has already been paid at least eight figures in USD terms to ensure that the Sabah issue goes away.

    But that’s what you get when you allow three generations of traitors to play a major role in your national life rather than hanging them like a real country would have done.

    Never trust an Aquino. That statement should be part of the preamble to any new constitution and, of course, that new constitution needs to be untainted by even the merest fingertip of the Cojuangco-Aquino clans….

  7. Thank you for your write-up which will instill awareness among the younger generations of Filipinos about this important issue.