Ona faces suit for supporting abortion

Members of Pro-Life during a recent rally against the Reproductive Health Law.

Members of Pro-Life during a recent rally against the Reproductive Health Law.

CATHOLICS opposed to the Reproductive Health Law on Tuesday filed “urgent manifestations” informing the Supreme Court (SC) that the Department of Health participated actively as a co-organizer of an international conference advocating abortion on January 21 to 24, 2014.

Because of this, the pro-lifers are planning to sue Health Secretary Enrique Ona for violating the constitutional and legal proscription of abortion.

The January conference, held at the Philippine International Convention Center, was the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR).

The international conference was attended mainly by Filipino teenagers. Some of the entertainment numbers were performed by children.

Three sets of pro-life Catholics filed the “urgent manifestation” to buttress their previous separate petitions against the Office of the President, et al. and Hon. Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr. et al. enjoining these government offices and officials from participating in the conference. Their petitions were not granted.

Wide publicity abroad invited participants in the conference advertised to provide knowledge and techniques about reproductive and sexual health, including abortion.
The “urgent manifestation” filers were Pro-Life Philippines Inc. et al., James Imbong et al. and John Walter B. Juat et al.

The Reproductive Health Law was passed by Congress last year. Petitions filed by Atty. James Imbong and Mrs. Imbong, as well as some other pro-life leaders, secured a TRO from the High Court.

These “urgent manifestations” prove that DOH officials had actually supported abortion advocacies at the international 7th APCRSHR last January.

This will boost the pro-lifers’ contention that despite the RH law’s provision that it does not condone abortion the government will in fact do so.

Abortion is proscribed by Philippine laws and the Constitution itself, which calls for the protection of life from the moment of “conception.”

The Manila Times got hold of RH conference materials, which have also been submitted to the SC, teaching Filipino children about abortion, showing how easy it is to procure an abortion in other countries.

There were also materials – like the brochure with colored graphics titled “Pleasure Me Safely” teaching young people that it is good for their health and well-being to have enjoyable sex and teaching how to.

The Sassy 6 Series, another teaching material, says “Reason 5” (why every woman has a right to a safe satisfying sex life) is “We were created with a clitoris” and Reason 6 “The clitoris has one—and only one purpose—to give pleasure.”


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  1. Any Filipino who will take a stand against morons, who pretend that they are representing god in their uneducated effort to suppress simple human(women) rights is a true hero- that in any other country would be considered a standard practice….

    Also, do note that most of these people who are suppressing women’s rights are a bunch of MEN.. Simply look at the picture – a bunch of men who feel that they can push women in the corner….

    As for the big advertising bill board poster that states that “at the moment of conception” the eye color, hair color and whatever else is present. Sorry, but my spit has the same information and I don’t see you complaining when I spit and kill millions of living cells that exist in my spit. As I said, uneducated people can easily be fooled by these fools, but the facts are simple …. Men are always at the lead to push women in the corner and this is nothing more than that…. The world is full of chauvinistic men who feel threatened when women try to take control of their own destiny .
    And please read what I said. Your spit has your hair and eye color and all the other stuff that the people claim is in your sperm. If I spit or ejaculate I still kill millions of god’s cells – each containing my hair and eye color – my DNA – that they are talking about, but they would not know that that since they only finished grade 3….

  2. There is a legal principle in th Philippine legal system that dictates that:

    The right to hold CERTAIN BELIEFS is absolute; but the right to act on the basis of those beliefs can be subject to regulation.

    In this case, one cannot wrong Ona for, if it is true, being in favour of abortion. The next question is, “Has he acted on that position – in a prohibited manner?” The answer: No! he has the right to association, right to freelyand peacefully assembly, right to freedom of movement, and the right to freedom of expression and speech.

  3. E. G. Festin on

    Mr. Nito, sir. Please read the article again “Ona Faces suit for supporting abortion.”
    Secretary Ona did not only attend the internatinal coferene held at the PICC. He was a co-organizer and he was in favor of the all the presentations made by foreign groups, including the most active and rich ones pushing planned parenthood and abortion.
    He was not there only as a doctor. He was introduced and applauded as the Philippine Government;s honorable Secretary of Health, sir Nito.
    But if you are talking about just any doctor who attended the pro-abortion and how-to-enjoy-your-clitoris conference for young people in January then you are right. It’s not a crime for a doctor to attend such a 3-day event.
    But if I knew that doctor I would ask my family and friends never to have anything to do with him or her.
    Thanks, sir Nito.

    E.G. Festin

  4. apolonio reyes on

    Bakit di ipairal ni Pnoy, Secys Ochoa at Ona sa ARMM o Bangsamoro ang RH law o abortion at makita nila ang hinahanap nila, di ba ho Sec. Ona?

  5. If abortion is illegal in the Philippines because it is murder as per our constitution, why should a conference actually present, not just data, but justifications to advocate it’s “legalization” as a right? What does that have to do with medicine? Supposing a conference on assisted suicide was given her, as an MD, would you attend that? What application does induced abortion or assisted suicide have in medicine?

  6. Just because an MD attended a medical conference that deals with abortion does not mean he favors it or doing it, besides abortion is illegal in the Philippines. You do not have to be ignorant about abortion or its complication, because of confronted with one you know what to do. I am not defending abortion, what I am saying is that, it is the right of any MD. to continue to update his/her education pertinent to health in general.

    • supposing a conference on assisted suicide were to be held here, would you, as an MD attend that? What possible application does induced abortion, it’s advocacy and justification have in medicine?

    • This conference is not about preventing abortions but about promoting abortion. Ona is not there as another medical doctor; he’s there as a representative of the government.