One arrested as German police raid Islamists in Berlin


BERLIN: More than 200 German police officers raided suspected Islamist sites in and around Berlin early on Friday, arresting an alleged leader of a group planning to carry out an attack in Syria, police said.

The arrested man, who was identified as Ismet D., is a 41-year-old man of Turkish origin and is suspected of “leading an Islamist extremist group made up of Turkish and Russian nationals from [the Caucasus regions’ of]Chechnya and Dagestan,” the police said in a statement, adding that “there is no indication that the group was preparing attacks inside Germany.”

The German raids came just hours after two suspected Islamists were killed in a massive police raid on suspected jihadists in Belgium and a week after Islamist attacks in Paris claimed 17 lives.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday vowed to heighten security measures against Islamist militants in the wake of the Paris attacks.



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  1. Please, stop the misrepresentation of Islam in the media. Editors and other related personnel of media must study Islam profoundly before relating it to terrorism or any forms of terrors. Media maligns and hastily judged Islam even without justification or basis from the point Islamic view. Stop the being bias and cease the hasty generalization.