One-off treats for Mom

Alice Bustos-Orosa

Alice Bustos-Orosa

Sunday is Mother’s Day yet again. For the special lady in our lives, finding the perfect gift is often nerve-racking. There’s never a perfect one-off gift that all moms would appreciate knowing how varied women’s personalities happen to be. So, here’s a little guide to finding that memorable gift to your one of a kind mom.

Glam-up Mom. You might want to give your mom a glamour package. Bring her to the salon for a bit of coiffeur and pampering. Whether it’s a manicure she needs or a bit of hair treatment, a day at the salon is always a ladies’ ultimate treat. Even more, bring her to the mall and let her get a makeover at the cosmetics counter. Remember, you don’t have to buy everything they put on her face. Just get her essentials, like a good base powder, eyeliner, blush and lipstick. Then maybe, take a family photo with her all made up on this special day.

Artsy-Mom. If your mom has always yearned to bring out the hidden Da Vinci or the underlying J.K. Rowling in her, enroll her in an art or writing workshop. A good place to start is the museum. Every summer, Ayala Museum and even CCP offers a wide range of art and writing classes for beginners and the aspiring writer.

Hobby-Mom. For the mother who has always wanted to pursue a hobby, then she will definitely appreciate the rare chance to try her hand at being her own Martha Stewart. Aside from the more popular choice of cooking classes, give your mother a rare chance at something more unique. Whether it’s pottery, cross-stitching, making paper-toile, dressmaking, or designing floral arrangements, she might just realize that finding one’s passion is never ever too late. If she’s always been the reluctant fashionista, there are now a myriad of short courses on pattern making, sketching, or basic sewing, like those in Slim’s, SOFA, or Raffles. Cooking classes are the easiest to find though, as most culinary schools have year-long offerings from baking, professional cooking, to cake decorating.

Fitness-buff Mom. Even in her late years, you can treat your mom with loads of choices to stay fit and healthy. Zumba, Barre, Pilates have proven to be all the rage even among middle-aged and senior ladies alike. Signing up your mom for at least a month’s worth of dance and fitness classes is one she would appreciate for a long time. If she seeks more strenuous workouts however, bring her along with you to your Crossfit classes or boxing matches maybe.

Daring Mom. If your Mom happens to be a thrill-seeker, then something more challenging might just work for her. Bring her paragliding or maybe wakeboarding if she dares to. If not, maybe a roller-coaster ride would do the trick instead.

Homebody Mom. For Moms who really don’t crave too much activity and would rather spend the day unwinding, you might consider waking her up for breakfast in bed, cooking her lunch, and ordering in dinner for a whole day of being lazy around with her. You might just opt to do a telenovela marathon or read a most-loved novel, then laugh, cry, and giggle at her favorite scenes.

Whatever way you choose to show this very special woman, remember to show just how much you love and appreciate your Mom this day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!


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