One small victory a day


ONE morning as I drove my 14-year old to school, he told me, “Mom, I have found a strategy for life. One small victory a day!”

I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that or where that was coming from but I made sure I listened.  It is important to listen not just to what is being said but more important to what is not being said especially kids his age.

I am alarmed by the number of young kids who have chosen to end their life so soon the latest being the daughter of renowned actors Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino. Who would have thought that she was in a state of depression?

She had a nice career going, she looked happy in her photos and no trace of sadness in her face. For what reason could she have taken her own life only the family would know and we will allow it to stay within the confines of their privacy.

According to the National Statistics Office, the number of suicide cases in the country has gone up in the last twenty years. Majority of the cases involved people with ages 24 and below and more men than women committing suicide.

The increasing trend is particularly notable in the age group 5 to 24 years and the suicides occur when the person is alone at home while everybody had gone off to work or school.
A study showed that methods chosen by those who take their lives are hanging, strangulation, suffocation and self-poisoning. Not all cases though are due to depression.
Other causes include conditions in life such as low income, unemployment or medical conditions.

The World Health Organization has sounded the alarm stressing that suicide must be considered a public health issue more than a police matter.

Our own Department of Health must work to fill the gaps in the matter of effective suicide prevention or intervention. While it all boils down to good parenting, parents must not be left alone to deal with it.

Calling on Secretary Janet Garin! You are a parent yourself. Let us act on this quickly instead of just treating MJ Buencamino’s case as another statistic. Like my son would say, claim one small victory a day.
God is Great!


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