One-stop gentleman’s shop


Why limit your style and creativity to your physical looks when you can apply your whole aesthetic to your personal space? Lately, how you take care of your personal space embodies your true characteristics beyond your looks, and the classic American brand, Original Penguin, has your back with its new lifestyle concept store in Power Plant Mall.

Original Penguin’s in-house barbershop, The House of Handsome

Transforming into a one-stop shop in the new Rockwell location, Original Penguin allows you to shop for clothes and bedroom needs. They also have a full-service barbershop by Felipe & Sons with trained and expert barbers. Services include specialized cuts and other grooming needs of every gentleman, making them the first international fashion brand to have a barbershop inside the retail store. Talk about convenience!

The shop also features its latest collection, “Mixtape,” that offers a sophisticated summer wardrobe with complementary color combinations and prints but they never stray away from its classic appeal ensuring that you would definitely love this collection.

Penguin’s limited edition line for beddings and throw pillows for the modern home

With its new lifestyle concept store, Original Penguin puts forward chic and comfortable beddings with different sizes and various designs to choose from. Complete your whole bedroom aesthetic with throw pillows suited for the modern home.

For the globetrotters who are constantly looking for durable luggage, Original Penguin made it easy to choose from Montana Luggage. Available in three sizes and colors, Montana Luggage allows you to be fashionable while travelling but still making sure that your luggage will be safe and sound because of its harder outer shell feature.

Complete your contemporary style with Penguin’s new collection

The bigger and the better Original Penguin now caters to every type of shopper. Located at the new wing on the second floor of Power Plant mall, whatever you need, they have it – from the latest to the classics you won’t leave their store empty handed.


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