• One more term for Aquino? Most likely hundreds of jail terms


    That’s not a hyperbole, but a conservative estimate.

    President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd’s illegal Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) involved 1,997 SAROs or Special Allotment Release Orders, the documents ordering the National Treasury to release funds for specific programs and projects.

    Since the Supreme Court ruled the DAP unconstitutional, each SARO violated Article IV, Section 29 of the Constitution: “No money shall be paid out of the Treasury except in pursuance of an appropriation made by law.” The projects the SAROs Aquino ordered to be financed from the budget were not in any of the budget laws from 2010 to 2013.

    Each SARO would be an instance of technical malversation, and for each, Aquino would be charged under Article 220 of the Revised Penal Code:

    “Any public officer who shall apply any public fund or property under his administration to any public use other than for which such fund or property were appropriated by law… shall suffer the penalty of prision correccional in its minimum period or a fine ranging from one half to the total of the sum misapplied… “

    Prision correccional in its minimum period means a jail term of six months to two years. Not too long, compared with a lifetime sentence for the crime of plunder.

    But what if the many people Aquino has wronged filed separate cases for even just one-fourth of the 1,997 SAROs he had ordered issued, and just a fourth of those cases resulted in a guilty verdict? That would be 124 instances of technical malversation, and at the minimum six months jail term for each case, that would mean 62 years in prison. Even Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales would not be able to block that flood of cases against him.

    A recent Manila Times editorial cartoon. But the confetti, when he steps down, would be malversation cases.

    A recent Manila Times editorial cartoon. But the confetti, when he steps down, would be malversation cases.

    Worse, while many patriots would file cases against Aquino in order to strengthen our rule of law, there would be scores of unscrupulous lawyers who would file cases in order to extort money from him in exchange for dropping the cases.

    They would bargain for a lower amount than the law’s penalty that at least one-half of the sum misappropriated be reimbursed to government.

    Those familiar with the Sandiganbayan would know that the justices would just love such cases filed at their salas.

    Note that the illegal SAROs ordered a total of P147 billion to finance projects and programs not in the appropriations law. Aquino and his clan faces the prospect of becoming totally bankrupt if he even loses a few of the technical malversation cases, and required to pay, as the Revised Penal Code put it, the “fine ranging from one half to the total of the sum misapplied.”

    At best, Aquino stands to spend a lot of his time in Sandiganbayan courtrooms as soon as he steps down and loses his immunity from suit.

    The decision of the high court in fact didn’t just rule that the DAP was unconstitutional, it said, “proper tribunals must determine the criminal, civil, administrative and other liabilities of its authors, proponents, and implementors.”

    If you listened to Abad at the July 24 Senate hearing on the DAP, it was this part of the Supreme Court’s decision stating criminal liability that he and Aquino were raving mad against. You can’t blame them: no one would relish the prospect of jail terms.

    My sources, as well as those of Manila Times’ reporters, in fact had claimed that before the Court’s decision on the DAP on July 1, tremendous pressure – even financial pressure at the magnitude of P500 million – was being applied on the justices, not on their decision on its constitutionality, but for them not to mention any criminal liability by  its “authors and implementors.”

    On the face of it, Aquino’s “motion for reconsideration” filed at the Court to reverse its ruling would seem stupid and useless as it was a unanimous decision. Its real intention, however, is to get the High Court – by hook or by crook – to amend its decision so that Aquino won’t be liable for any criminal prosecution over the DAP.

    But the Court can’t rule against past jurisprudence here and elsewhere that rejects the excuse of “good faith” in criminal acts since this is the basic foundation of the justice system. If good faith were a valid excuse, the bulk, or even a hundred percent of trials, would involve determination of good or bad faith, not concrete evidence that a crime was committed.

    In fact, a Supreme Court decision in November 2012 dismissed the excuse of “good faith” in a case that has similarities, though on a much smaller scale, to the DAP case.

    A town mayor in Leyte in 2001 authorized  the “realignment” of four sacks of rice and two boxes of sardines worth P3,400 to starving workers rebuilding houses destroyed by a typhoon. It turned out that the food was from the town’s Supplemental Feeding Program authorized by the Sangguniang Bayan (town council that approves the town’s budget).

    The mayor was charged with technical malversation, but appealed that the transfer was done in good faith and that it represented savings.

    The Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Sandiganbayan finding the mayor guilty and pointed out: “Dura lex sed lex.” (The law may be harsh, but it is the law.) The mayor’s act – no matter how noble, or how minuscule the amount diverted – constitutes the crime of technical malversation because he used the goods for a purpose other than what had been approved under the law.

    Similarly, I’m sure a thorough investigation would reveal that DAP’s purpose wasn’t at all “noble,” but was intended to raise bribe money for Congress’ cooperation in removing Chief Justice Renato Corona from office and to amass a slush fund for the 2013 elections.

    I was told that Aquino had asked different lawyers about their opinion on the matter in terms of his liability. He was screwed, everyone told him.

    This is probably why Aquino was close to crying when he was finishing his 5th SONA speech recently: the realization that he trusted Abad too much and made such a terrible mistake in undertaking the DAP; that he would land in jail when he steps down in 2016; that he would be bankrupted by the financial penalties; and that the best-case scenario is that he would spend most of his time in the hot, cramped courtrooms of the Sandiganbayan.

    This is also the reason why he can’t fire Abad, even if people within and outside his camp have asked him to do so: Abad could hit back by claiming he was just ordered by Aquino to implement the DAP.

    Aquino’s certain criminal liability explains the desperate tone of the wild statements he has recently been blabbering, and the rumors his propagandists have been circulating:

    • That he is open to a second term because the people are asking for it – which is the craziest statement he has made so far; he can’t even get enough people to wear his yellow ribbon. His approval ratings are slipping by the day and most Filipinos, tired of the high prices of rice and other commodities, poor infrastructure, inept response to Yolanda, the Zamboanga and Luneta incidents, can’t wait for him to step down. Even those sympathetic to him and believe that he isn’t corrupt are now admitting that he is, indeed, mentally and emotionally incapable of being president.
    • That Congress, which he controls by a vote of three-fourths of its members, can propose an amendment to the Constitution allowing him a second term – another wacky idea because even if Congress were to do that, the amendment would have to be approved by a plebiscite.
    • That Vice President Jejomar Binay, the shoo-in for the presidency in 2016 at least at this time, is a bosom friend of the family and will protect him when he steps down. But even Binay can’t stop citizens filing hundreds of technical malversation cases against Aquino.

    In the case of former President Gloria Arroyo, Aquino had to scrounge and scrape the barrel to come up with charges against her for only four cases, one of which already has been dropped and the rest obviously based on very flimsy grounds — one involves a sole witness implicated in the Ampatuan massacre. Aquino had to ask his mercenary NGO, Akbayan, as well as the sycophant justice secretary to file the cases.

    In Aquino’s case though, the very documents Abad had submitted to the Supreme Court and Senate – Aquino’s memoranda authorizing the DAP and impounding funds authorized by the budget laws and the detailed list of DAP projects – would be the evidence for this president’s crime of technical malversation.

    I’ll explain that on Monday, and discuss the liability of the DAP’s architect, the man considered as Aquino’s brain, Florencio Abad.

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    1. For all these years, Aquino did something extravagant in our country. few of us can’t see it, but for a 15-year-old student, I’ve felt most of it. don’t criticize anyone. we are not perfect. don’t assume to be one. it is very hard to rule and lead a nation, it is very hard to recover from former corruptions and scandals. at least, he’s trying his best to give the needs of his people, maybe not all, but at least he did realize doing something like it. this is a democratic country. the people of the nation bring the future, not just the leader. we should also do our part. not just judging by judging a person without any data gathered.

    2. Grabe na talaga si Pnoy…hindi na siguro siya nakakatulog nang mahimbing sa takot na makukulong siya sa 2016…

      Heto na ang karma niya….

      Tumutulo na ang laway at panay ihit ng ubo…naiiyak na nga, eh…

    3. Congratulations to SC. They proved not to be subservient, TUTA, to PNoy. We need this kind of SC JUSTICES. More power to SC, not less.


      What Dustin said in his comments is right. It is us Filipino people who is to blame
      for voting this incompetent, vindictive, liar and corrupt president. We Filipinos never
      learn. On the other hand, I still cannot imagine why there are people like this
      cristino who wrote a comment here that according to him, extending the term of
      abnoy is the best option that PH has now. What? This cristino is a kind of person
      who have eyes and mind who refused to see and think right. The Supreme Court
      already declared that what this incompetent president has done about the DAP
      was UNCONSTITUTIONAL. That already is a very clear proof, stupid.

      • Excuse me, Mr. Cahayag, you are the one who is really blind to what is happening in our country. Never in our history that we have a continous GDP growth exceeding 5% and that is because we have a President who is not corrupt. Whatever reasons you may have, that DAP helps in pump-priming the economy. You are only couch seating in your home but have a look. I have seen tremendous infrastructure projects going from south to north and this helps our economy by providing jobs to the countryside. Never has so much developments happening right and left has been going-on and that is because the business community is reaping the fruits of good governance and transparency in government. Need I say more?

    5. I think that it is possible to have a second term however he probability of it happening is very slim. Considering the time table…crafting it in one day by the constituent assembly that congress is possible but may take longer because sayang yon hidden pork barrel incentive….so it will take at least a month of moro-moro then for a plebiscite…more of the hidden pork barrel funds…to be used. However the yellow brigade forgot that a TRO with the supreme court will cause delay that when a decision to pursue the charter change….it will be election time 2016…..so I believe that Mr. Tiglao is right…that hundreds of jail term is possible!

    6. @Kris TV , your comment sounds like of a spoiled brat person, and to brag that being a President he can do anything he wants, No, he cannot, his “bosses” did not find him doing a good job for the less fortunate esp (the poor) , Yolanda victims and Hacienda Luisita poor farmers are ideal examples where he seriously failed among many other blunders he has done.

    7. DAP – Dubious Aquino Program. Good Faith = Lack of Transparency. Yellow Liberal Party = Culture of Impunity.

    8. jose hernani m. parco on


    9. I wanted to give Aquino the benefit of the doubt when he said he is now open to charter amendments. I had wanted charter amendments specially on the onerous and backward economic provisions and perhaps the abolition of Congress and moving to parliamentary system. But when he said he wanted it purely for two reasons: clip the powers of the SC and extend his term, this changed. Here we have a so-called leader who is not only obviously an authoritarian (likes to consolidate power in the government) and concerned only of his continued immunity from suit. His latest caper is not only dangerous and risky (given the kind of leadership he has shown) but self serving. Do we deserve someone like him?

    10. I think Babylon is congenitally blind. He is critical of Mr. Tiglao’s column. Babylon is the excellent companion of Abnoy in jail when he steps down in 2016. His brain is as yellow as his boss. The well-researched column of Mr. Tiglao is a product of erudite knowledge of what is happening in the political landscape. If the disclosure of Mr. Tiglao’s column on the corruption of Abnoy and his yellow minions is not duly supported by any scintilla of evidence, then Mr. Tiglao is not a dullard to know that he would surely go to jail for manufacturing issues without any evidentiary weight. Gets mo Babylon?

    11. opinion reader on

      PNoy = Gollum, (narinig daw nya na sinabi ng mga BOSS nya na need nya ng 2nd term para talag tumuwid ang daan?) hunghang!!, Baba na sa 2016, subok naman tayu ng iba, ika nga dati ni Dick Gordon, nanalo si Pnoy dahil sa sympathy vote. sa 2016 Boto tayu ng may track record at umaaksyon.

      • TAMA KA DYAN! I consider myself one of Thief Executive’s claimed “bosses” being a Filipino. But on the contrary, he has yet to hear my voice or di pa nga ako nagsasalita o bumubulong sa kanya eh nadinig nya daw agad mga boses o hiling o request nating lahat sa kanya. Gago talaga eh. Narinig nya lang mga boses ng mga tuta niya eh nageneralized nya na agad. Siraulo talaga!!! kawawa nman ang Pilipinas. Pinagtatawanan tayo ng buong mundo sa kagaguhan niya.

    12. opinion reader on

      Pnoy=Gollum, yun nah! (sabi daw ng mga BOSS nya na need daw nya ng second term?) hunghang!!!

    13. Raymond Stenhouse on

      So refreshing that the manila Times and its top reporter has their finger on the pulse of the nation. You are reporting what good law abiding people are thinking and the very poor are asking. Where did our money go? Two years ago when asked by CNN Anna Coren what are you doing about corruption Mr President he ducked and weaved and said what corruption. What a joke.

    14. “H’wag mo akong subukan” was former President Erap’s catch praise. It could be the Filipino peoples’, should BSAquino ever decide to go serious about his plan to run for another term. Our indignation as a people is almost at its boiling point. Mr. President, “if you have tears, prepare to shed them now”, for we, “your bosses”, would a million times have PCOS machines bound tightly around your neck, and cast you headlong into the controversial Scarborough Shoal where sharks abound and where your Chinese relatives (Cojuangco’s) are up grabbing our territories. We are reminding you -you and your “malaria” (yellow) infected cohorts: “H’wag n’yo kaming subukan!

    15. It is so embarassing watching a President trying to avoid jail when he leaves office. He is trying to: Take down the SC (rulings of his illegal acts). Take out all oppositionto LP candidates (have friends stay in power to protect him). Have the Constitution ammended to allow him to run for President again (a sitting President is immune from suits). Have Congress pass laws that would legalize his illegal acts (try to override the SC ruling of the law). Hide the pork in the budget (for bribes to the Congress).

      So never is Pnoy doing anything for the country. All focus is for his benefit only.

    16. The day of reckoning for all the evil deeds of Pnoy is almost there, and mind you he will move heaven and earth to elude jail when he steps down. One thing he can do is to accept that he is insane and he will be free.

    17. 1st of all you cant blame the president for being the president. He was voted in by you the people. Now knowing him because he is a child of a previous president, ( who also wasnt a very good president ) shows you the stupidity of that vote. I dont know how many times the filipino needs to be told there are consequences for your actions. Your actions of voting have consequences for all of you. Will the filipino have learned his lesson, no & you will see when they elect manny pacquiao as a senator. But when that happens & after a few terms of him being there you will see the folly of that. I cant see the filipino learning from past mistakes.

    18. Some people are judgmental and some fairly used discernment to balance and appreciate one’s achievement in life. In fairness to Prez Aquino, extending perhaps his term is by far the best option that PH has for now considering the list of probable presidentiables waiting on the line. If we dig deeper on their political and family relationship backgrounds, we might vomit due to their nefarious activities and evil doings that caused part of the PH economics debacle from the past. I remember Senator Arroyo said, choice the less evil among the presidentiables to run the country but with the current list available I doubt if there is one to choice to. It is only the current sitting President that is capable and deserving to stay and run PH forward for more economic growth, to reduce if not eliminate corruptions and to restraints abusive, police and military personnel including evil in robes in the government. Prez Aquino has nothing to fear and nothing to take care of just in case something bad happen to him. He don’t need to steal millions and as you can see, he does not even allow his sisters nor relatives to interfere with his official job. He even deprived himself of a woman to love for the sake of our countries betterment. We never learn from the past and until now we are again the brink of collapse once we elected a new PH prez to run our country like hell.

      • nod if you agree on

        “Perhaps his term is by far the best option that PH has for now considering the list of probable presidentiables waiting on the line”

        -Wrong! The Philippines had better choices even in 2010, but the masses were too dumb down by the Yellow controlled media (ABiaS CBN anyone?)

        “It is only the current sitting President that is capable and deserving to stay and run PH forward for more economic growth, to reduce if not eliminate corruptions and to restraints abusive, police and military personnel including evil in robes in the government”

        -Wrong again!! Economic growth? What growth? The prices of commodities has steadily been increasing, poverty level has reached an all-time high, Power and even Water crisis are looming in the horizon. Let me ask again, what economic growth? Ah, you mean the one being enjoyed by the few richest families in the country.

        “He don’t need to steal millions and as you can see”

        -He does not need to keep it, he just uses the Tax payer’s money to bribe lawmakers, to keep his precious Hacienda Luisita.

        “He does not even allow his sisters nor relatives to interfere with his official job”

        -No comment, too scared to even imagine KriSTD as a public servant.

        He even deprived himself of a woman to love for the sake of our countries betterment”

        -He is Gay. That’s why. (no offense to the 3rd Sex)

      • Best option? wow! what a statement. i don’t care if its binay or who the would it be, but not Aquino, or kris none the less. tama na! sobra na! palitan na!
        – a vindictive president
        – inept leader
        – selfish and arrogant.
        – no care for the majority/ masses
        – surrendering mindanao to rebels
        – disrespectful of the constitution
        a very bad example. ayoko si binay, boboto ako sa 2016 pero hindi kay binay, but, kung si binay man manalo so be it as long as mapalitan lang ang mongoloid na yan. pweh!

      • what an analysis you have! retain pinoy because other candidates are worse, dah dah dah dah. How can you even say that! Maybe you are blind to the billions of DAP he used and the bulk of it to hacienda luisita? Give me one valid reason why he should do that and not being called corrupt! There will be other candidates just like last elections, but people are so inept in selecting good candidates. There was a good one, an environmentalist in fact. People are blinded by the promises, and the yellow fever, and kris, and the Aquino clan, etc. Even they themselves are fighting within the family as kris once said, “you can choose your friends but not your family”. Indeed! Not allowing his family to interfere with his job does not mean he is a good president. that could only mean, he wants to be in control! Not having a girlfriend or wife does not mean he wants to improve his country. My ass! You cannot be blind to all these that are going on are you? he cannot find a wife because every girlfriend he has cannot tolerate his childish attitude, a selfish attitude, which say, ako ako ako akin akin akin! tsk tsk tsk! No problem our country is going nowhere, just let the corrupt ones have more years of corruption!

    19. muriel magtanggol on

      Diba, in Tony Orlando’s song, the ex-con said if he doesn’t see the yello ribbon, he’ll “stay on the bus, forget about us, put the blame on me??? ” Well, that’s what Noynoy should do, now that he does not see any yellow ribbons but peach! Blame himself for agreeing to run for president knowing he is not capable and fit. Now he will have to face the consequence of his actions, whether in this term or beyond!

      • Yes, indeed. He is trying hard to save his skin from the purported criminal deeds after his term. He is caught in trap of his own folly. His choice now is either … JAIL or DICTATORSHIP. (I am sure he knows what happened to Marcos, Gadaffi, and Hussain (+ + +) as well as to Amin and Duvalier (as refugees from and cannot live in their own countries).

    20. Nice the china threat,,,,,,increase the budget to enormous size,,,,,,sarap commission an ,,,,
      As if weend all the budget on arms and we can defeat or stop China militarily……

      Negotiation , wayang comission !

    21. Why both GMA sold the National Transmissiion for a song ,finally ended with a Chinese Govt Co,,,, for about $ 800 M difference from the initial price…?WHY YOU AND P NOYate so quiet about this ?

    22. That is a very interesting column. It explains everything and that’s why Aquino wants a second term.

    23. Let Aquino rot in jail for the abuses he has committed against the people!!!

      Now he wants to amend the constitution to have a second term? To escape jail?
      Politicians like him should learn lessons from this. You may fool some people sometime but not all the people all the time.

      • I beg your pardon JO?? who abuses the people?? Is that an accusation again?? There’s nothing that you can do…you can complain for as long as you want… He is the president of the phil…and i am Aquino ..i will amend the constitution …why?? bec. even if he is doing a great job …people like you will complain and complain and will not stop…you will continue bullying him …..
        Mr. President ignore all your critics ..they cannot and will not help you make this country progess….Do what you need to do…Amend the constitution and extend your term….
        We love you!! Stay strong! MABUHAY ANG PRESIDENTE NG PILIPINAS!! GOD BLESS YOU MR AQUINO FOR A JOB WELL DONE! to all your critics get a life…..and go to hell.

    24. Samuel Santos on

      PNoy will never spend even just a day in jail. He’ll succumb to lung cancer in due time.

    25. P. Akialamiro on

      While I may believe that it takes a rocket scientist (who is asleep) to know why this president doesn’t deserve another term. First, records show that he has no significant accomplishment as a congressman and as a senator, but became a president because of the people’s sympathy; the calamities and traqedies of the past do not show him to be a caring, but an insensitive leader, one who typifies an oligarch who do not care about the poor; the charging of opposition members show him to be vindictive, bias and partial; his defiance over the PDAF/DAP decisions of the SC show him to be arrogant and defiant to the legal conclusions of the last arbiter of the land; and, he typifies one who is inebriated with power that he now agrees to have his term extended. He simply lacks the wisdom, the sincerity and the ability to deserve another term.

    26. With his unstable mind, I am sure Senyor Simyon will just take his own life and commit suicide. That may absolve him from further public humiliation and the clan’s wealth may be freed from confiscation by the state. Anyway, his father was also a convict having been pronounced guilty of the crime of illegal possession of firearms. The alternative would be for him to fake his own death – legally dead but physically alive.

      • Masuerte talaga si Shalani Solidad, di sila nagkatuluyan ni Noynoy, Di ba mc? Swerte dni si Shalani kay Cong. Roman Romulo, our future President, di ba August?

    27. Akala nitong si Tiglao lahat ng presidente kaugali ng kanyang mahal na presidente Groria Macapagal Arroyo. Hoy! Kayo lang dumi fouls sa PERA.

      • there are just 2 kinds of people who live on this earth, the ones who reads, absorbs, and investigate journalists reports, and those who close their eyes and totally disregard the facts because it is against what they believe. Belief is disastrous, one must believe things based on facts. I don’t know how corrupt arroyo was but Aquino is not only corrupt, he is inclined to be a self proclaimed dictator just like the opponent of his father in the 60s. Oh my, if his father was different, he must be turning in his grave.

    28. As written before, King PNoy is damaged goods, so is ABad. We are just waiting for other names to be included in the lists of damaged goods, Mar. Franklin the crocodile, Belmonte and many more representathieves and senathieves who are part of a grand plan to empty the treasury of the Philippine government.


      This Admin, with nothing to show for other than a hollow boast of 12,000 kilometers of well paved roads built from the day they started office to the very last SONA – injected with steroids of lies and props of mumbo jambo hallow crafted stats.

      We HAD Enough. We don’t need the yellow crap agenda ram though our throats like a panacea for the problems this regime has brought to the people.

    30. YES!! one more term for President Benigno Aquino!!! more corrupt senators will be put to jail. We love you Mr. President and we will continue to support you. Let your critics go to HELL!!

    31. My unsolicited advise to President BS Aquino:

      Release President Gloria Arroyo – knowing those charges are all flimsy.

      Then resign the Presidency and immediately Vice President Binay becomes President, then pardon the President of any wrong doing.

      Utang na loob kay President Corry Aquino.

      If President Binay will do this – Do not run for President in 2016. For sure you will not make it.

      It happened in America (President Nixon) – Watergate Scandal

      History repeats itself – This is the best options for the President.

      “TUWID NA DAAN” – to the Gutter.

      This is what we got for putting a President magaling lang sa “Barilbarilan”

      Now he got the dose of his own medicine of “VINDICTIVENESS”.

    32. gabriela silang on

      no wonder aquino is moving heaven and earth and it’s taking its toll on his health.he had lost pounds and appear to aged a lot. the thought of jail term is sending goose bumps down the spine of aquino. he wants to do a marcos and install himself a dictator for life! i pity the man and i wont be surprised if he’ll do a robin williams. good grief!

    33. Roldan Guerrero on

      It takes a lifetime or even longer to raise a legal genius like Marcos and such ingenuity may cause tragedy for the same period. However, as a young boy during the late dictator`s time I have seen how easy life was for every Filipinos. But because of his desire to stay in power for a very long time, the legacy he built eroded and was subsequently maligned up to these days including his family and siblings. His desire to stay in power for so long is then the primary cause of his downfall. Every politician aspiring to the presidency consolidated forces for his fall but yet another mistake was done, and it is the installation of an inept, inexperienced otherwise an incompetent president who did not know whom to listen for what to do to run a country in a state of mesh,which probably might have worsened but was kept afloat by wrong media propaganda. One reason I say it was wrong is the mothballing of BNPP which should have solved the power woos this country is facing until now. It takes an instant time to produce a leader who is a LEGAL RETARDATE. You can pick that individual anywhere just like now. Anybody can become a president, SANE OR INSANE….COMPETETENT OR BOBO provided it is orchestrated through the POWEROF MONEY! One good example is anyone could become a comgressman as long as he is a popular in sports and have millions or even billions,disregarding intellectual capability, a 4th grade school educational attainment. HOW DID AQUINO became President? HAHAHAHAHA MY DEAR COUNTRYMEN YOU KNOW THE ANSWER!!!!

    34. [ That he is open to a second term because the people are asking for it – which is the craziest statement he has made so far; he can’t even get enough people to wear his yellow ribbon. His approval ratings are slipping by the day and most Filipinos, tired of the high prices of rice and other commodities, poor infrastructure, inept response to Yolanda, the Zamboanga and Luneta incidents, can’t wait for him to step down.]

      And Barnum and Bailey Circus ala zarzuela spin doctor Mr. Coloma has the gall to claim they have other sources to come up with proof the people are “CLAMORING” for his 2nd term. Mr. Coloma is probably smoking willowish papaya leaves lately in coming up with such statement. This Aquino Admin/regime is dying of yellow jaundice by the days, in panic mode for facing jail time beyond 2016….

    35. In 2016, BS AQUINO can kiss goodbye his favorite YELLOW color.

      ORANGE will take its place as the ambitious and tyrannical nutcase will start donning a criminal’s uniform in prison.


      Extend the term of abnoy? What a joke. Jail term that’s what it is for blatantly
      violating the constitution and destroying the independence of the judiciary. This is
      yet the most corrupt, vindictive, incompetent and liar president.

      • You can complain for as along as you want…Aquino is the president of the phil…and he can do whatever he wants…if he wants to amend the constitution there is nothing u can do.