Online bullies, biased mainstream, mockumentary style



The big question nagging us these days is who do we trust – mainstream media, bloggers or citizen journalists? We have to ask again – mainstream or bloggers?

Truth and accuracy are the given basics but nowadays, nobody seems to care.

We have to admit that the trend towards 24/7 news is being accelerated by technology and in such unthinkable multiplicative speed. This key development is a major factor in sourcing facts rather than trusting one source. A variety of news and views helps us form opinions about what is happening in the world.

According to BBC’s director of news Helen Boaden, “Witness accounts do not necessarily give you an objective, factual picture. They give you the truth as they see it,” she said. “The role of journalism is to sift facts and give you a truthful and factual picture.”

Reuters Editor of Political and General News Paul Holmes said: “No news organization in the history of the media has had a monopoly on the truth. What is different today is that there are many different voices.”

One can never compare blogs and mainstream media as they serve a purpose in different manners. Bloggers can be more personal, capable of establishing relationships over time.

It’s quite impossible to get that with journalists who consider filing their stories as “it’s all in a day’s work.”

Bloggers can be more persistently aggressive as they can repeat their views or news over and over again to achieve the desired effect. Mainstream practitioners can not afford to do that. A new day is a new story.

Collins Dictionary proclaims: ‘Fake news’ named word of the year. Just in case you do not know, Collins is not a “fake dictionary.”

* * *

PAL finally settles airport debt. The check amounting to P5,677,887,615 was turned over to CAAP chief accountant Raul Eusebio. A check worth P258,594,230.33, net of taxes, meanwhile, was turned over to Manila International Airport Authority assistant general manager for finance and administration Arlene Britanico.

Please do not ask me when will be the next payment date or I will play the song “As Tears Go By.”

* * *

US bombers fly over Korean Peninsula. Of course, North Korea’s state media denounced the exercise as a “surprise nuclear strike drill” and said “gangster-like US imperialists” are seeking to ignite a nuclear war.

Expect Kim Jong-Un’s fingers getting itchy again for a series of missile tests.

* * *

Trump says he’ll spend an extra day in the Philippines. Sorry to disappoint you folks, he is not visiting a branch of Svenson or meeting with a “little narco” senator.

* * *

PH still among world’s last in internet speed, 4G access.

Philippines stands at the 74th place with an average speed of ONLY 8.24 Mbps.

In comparison, Singapore held its place as the country with the FASTEST internet speed with 4G technology, with speed of as fast as 46.64 Mbps.

Yes, our duopoly offers “UGLYMITED” shame and greed.

* * *

An honest Uber driver returned P500,000 cash lost by a passenger. Of course, our public officials will never return billions of pesos lost by the taxpayers. Not even a cent. Finders keepers.

* * *

The thing about “fakes” going on can take its toll in some funny ways. Like when someone stages a “fake death” and his wife finds out that he’s got a fake insurance.

* * *

Sleeping with someone is not an accomplishment especially when only one is awake. This solution always works – cranking up the volume on your favorite IPad game.

* * *

News: iPhone X takes Asia by storm. Asian buyers’ pockets suddenly encountered a tropical depression.

* * *

Fact checking with history to know who we are and why we are right now:
The stick is bigger than the carrot. We have to go back in history and take a closer look. After WWII, the United States gave Japan roughly $2.44 billion in grants and credits according to Wikipedia, plus a large amount of free labor and technical knowledge. A percentage was used to rebuild Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

The United States took the initiative in aggressively rebuilding Japan, turning it into an economic and technological powerhouse that is the envy of much of the world considering Japan was the one that started the fight. Did we get the same help as an ally where almost one million lives were sacrificed fighting along with them? The US built subways for a former enemy and what did we get? Military jeeps converted into “jeepneys.”

General Douglas Macarthur left the Philippines as he was ordered to secure and save Australia first while the Japanese continued to ravage our Motherland as we waited for “his return.”

How much did the US spend to rebuild Germany? West Germany received loans which totaled $1.45 billion equivalent to $16 billion today.

The US bought the Philippines from Spain along with Puerto Rico and Guam for only $20 million. Only recently did the US recognize our WWII veterans when they were in their 80s and 90s with much smaller compensation than their American counterparts.

And we danced in the streets and chanted “Victory Joe” amidst a rainfall of chocolates and cigarettes thrown our way. We signed the Mutual Defense Pact not knowing that America just wanted to protect its business interests here and seal the continuity of its lease contract for two strategic bases — Subic and Clark in this part of the Pacific.

The US supported Japan by importing their cars, appliances and other electronic products, thereby it the second largest economy after WWII. And the US dramatically decreased importing our sugar in favor of Cuba and other South American countries. Are we bitter? Maybe not, if we compare their rule with the more oppressive Spanish occupation.

But it was not entirely out of kindness but with a vicious desire to secure wealth and power.

Kindly digest this thoroughly before we criticize the adoption of our new independent foreign policy.

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.


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