Online searches for overseas relocation surge after US election


AMERICANS apparently seeking to escape a Donald Trump presidency last week caused a 160 percent surge in online searches for terms like “move overseas” and “expats overseas,” according to expat information website

The website pointed out that numbers of American citizens, most of them retirees, emigrating to other countries in search of lower living costs, more affordable healthcare, and warmer climates has been growing steadily for a number of years, but that the bitter election campaign and its outcome seemed to have increased interest in the trend.

According to statistics from the US Social Security Administration, there are 660,528 retirees collecting their pensions overseas, although the actual number is believed to be much higher, including people living outside the country but continuing to bank with accounts in the US.

Canada was the top target of online searches in the recent surge, InternationalLiving said, but the top three destinations are all Central American countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. InternationalLiving also said that the numbers of US expats moving to Belize—which as a former British colony has a large English-speaking population—and Peru have also increased in recent years.


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