Online shows cement solid fan base


Even non-millenials prefer to watch shows online nowadays. Convenient with the possibility of pulling up multiple platforms either thru the computer or mobile phone, D5Studios has turned its focus on producing original digital content that seeks to connect with audiences through fresh and different concepts.

It paid off in a huge way with two hit web shows—Forever Sucks and Bolero Rap Battle.

Since it debuted last February, Forever Sucks has quickly developed a solid and loyal following among its millennial fan base.

Jasmine Curtis-Smith stars as Izabel, a 170-year-old vampire pretending to be a normal lovelorn twentysomething. With Felix Roco taking over the vacancy left by theater actor JC Santos, viewership of the online series remained solid and became even more phenomenal in Season 2, garnering almost three million views in less than a month within its new season premiere on Halloween.

While the season ended with Izabel and Kiko in each other’s arms, fans remain optimistic for a possible return, given that Izabel’s immortality and Kiko’s humanity means that they can’t and won’t be together forever.

Meanwhile, Bolero Rap Battles is created for music aficionados, especially rap and hip-hop fans.

Hosted by hip-hop superstars Ron Henley and Loonie, the show is actually a fresh spinoff of the biggest rap battle league in the country, “Fliptop Battles.”

Averaging 300,000 views per battle, the show recently culminated with the final battle between Apekz and Shernan.

With the success of these two shows, D5Studio promises to continue delivering more inspired entertainment content in the years to come.


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