Only 4 senators officially willing to give up PDAF


(By Jefferson Antiporda, Top Stories, November 9, 2013)
No need for anyone to grandstand to the people, once the SC declares all pork unconstitutional, that’s it…

Then, these senators must go back to their old drawing board to draw and to finalize laws for the land rather than dealing with money. YET, you risk your life to run and get elected for the cause of MONNNEEE than representing PEOPLE?? CORECT/WRONG?? WHAT NOW? HMMMNNN, ridiculous or else, running for nothing is a big question. 200MILLIONS PDAF annually still in your mind and we, people know it very well. BUTTTT if you have the ball, you abolish the HOUSE of thieves and step down afterwards and wait to see the country to bloom again with faithful public servants. I challenge YOU lawmakers, NOW!!!!


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