Only Aquino could turn an award into a cheap stunt


AT long last, the sacrifice of the 44 brave men of the Special Action Force massacred precisely one year ago today is to be formally recognized. Malacañang has announced that President BS Aquino 3rd will personally confer the Medal of Valor on two of the troopers, Chief Inspector Gednat G. Tabdi and PO2 Romeo C. Cempron, while the remaining 42 men will all be awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

The posthumous awards are to be made at a ceremony at Camp Crame today.

The awards are long overdue, having been recommended by the National Police Commission shortly after the Mamasapano Massacre last year, and they are more than deserved. We hope that their families will find some small measure of comfort in knowing that the nation honors and thanks their loved ones for their service.

Whether or not they take any comfort in that recognition being handed down now, after he specifically declined to do so on at least one occasion last year, is a choice each of the families will have to make on their own. We would certainly empathize, however, if any of them chose to regard the timing and the personality behind the awarding ceremony as a bit of an insult as President Aquino increasingly appears to be the chief culprit in the SAF 44’s avoidable slaughter.

Although the fact that today, January 25, is the first anniversary of the tragedy – which gives Aquino a plausible excuse for conducting the award ceremony now – it can hardly be a coincidence that the award was announced immediately after the prospect of reopening hearings on the Mamasapano debacle was raised, particularly after Senator Juan Ponce Enrile disclosed that he has information that would almost certainly put Aquino in a very uncomfortable position.

Aquino, or rather, the various apparatchiks who usually do his talking for him, will almost certainly deny that the growing possibility that Aquino’s grave liability for sending the SAF 44 to their deaths and refusing them reinforcements will be revealed has anything to do with his about-face on the decision to confer the troopers the awards for bravery. And just as certainly, very few people if any will actually believe him.

We certainly do not. From our vantage point, the award to the SAF 44 looks like nothing but a cheap, desperate stunt by which Aquino hopes to divert the clamorous questions about his moral and legal culpability for the tragedy. It is shameful that, having consigned their brave men to death, Aquino would risk causing the families of the SAF 44 even more pain by using them as props in an amateurish political drama.

If he was serious about giving the men of the SAF 44 their awards, then perhaps a better way to show it would be for him not to show himself at all: Let the commander of the PNP or some other high-ranking officer handle it, since those gentlemen, with very few exceptions, regard their fallen brethren with appropriate professional respect. That is a perspective Aquino is yet to learn, and maybe never will.


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  1. “SAF44 thrown into Lion’s Lair”- Duterte

    PNoy (Commander in Chief) literally throw SAF44 into Lion’s Lair (Mamasapano). The Hunters (SAF44) were ordered to stalk, capture or kill the Prey (Marwan) until the Hunters becomes the hunted. Then friends (BFF/MNLF) of the Prey awaken and becomes the predator (Lions). Then Predator obviously out numbered the Hunters. The Hunters ask for reinforcement/help but the Commander in Chief (PNoy) decided to abandoned (for BBL) his own men. So eventually the Hunters were killed without mercy (massacred/slaughtered).


  2. The way the President shows his character towards the people is a hopeless case. The immaturity and he has no lesson learned in a longer years he governs this nation. It is his bitterness, the pain deeply in his heart for blaming the people against his administration. The love, compassion, mercy….how can this leader will give it to the needy he himself doesn’t know to apply.

  3. We careful who we vote this coming election. We have suffered less than 6 years of this Aquino administration. Many died, riding in tandem assassins unstoppable, PDAP DAP corruption, MRT LRT corruption, drugs have infiltrated our barangays and our military intelligence. Is this your so called LEGACY to this beloved country. I love this country, I do not know if you love this country. Is this what your father died for ?

  4. Aquino cannot even begin to grasp the enormous mistake he had done to the fallen heroes SAF 44 .
    No, it is not just within him .

  5. Nonetheless, PNoy – whatever he’s intentions are – can’t fool all of us Filipinos all the time.

  6. With the BBL dead in the water, this is BS Aquino’s way of getting as much milk from the incident as he can, however he can. Truly despicable.

  7. El Cid Fajardo on

    Exactly what i was thinking..but regardless of pnoy, the long overdue recognition of the heroism of the SAF44 is still much deserved.

  8. Sige NOYTARD gain mo ang lahat ng pagkukunwari.Alam naman ng lahat na wala kang pakialam sa kapakanan ng mga masa.Ang alam mo lang ay manuhol,maghiganti,magpaaabaya,magvideo game kasam mo ang kagaya mong retarded na pamangkin at manigarilyo putang-ina kang ABNOY.

  9. Cheap stunt, indeed. Hopefully the victims of the massacre know that PNoy is fooling them by this stunt, denied after the incident but now hurriedly done all because PNoy and his handlers are now so worried what will happen in the forth coming re-investigation. PNoy and his mafia, including Grace Llamanzares must be very worried what will result in this new inquest.

  10. “No commander in chief would ever say, ‘I’m not going to listen to the guys on the ground.'”
    Claire McCaskill

    When the bullets fly, men fight and boys flee.
    Boy Aquino commited a number of cardinal sins.
    He did not plan.
    He interfered
    He did no communicate
    He did not listen
    He panicked
    He froze
    He lied.
    He did not accept responsibility.
    He passed the buck
    And as a result a lot of good men died.

    Pnoy’s pathetic planning, prevarication, and panic produced a p!ss poor performance and pilipino personnel paid a permanent price.

    And to add insult to injury he showed
    No sympathy
    No empathy
    No responsibility
    No courage
    And instead instituted a cover up to save his scrawny hide.

    He is a loose cannon which aimed fire at his own men.

    Psychologically flawed, his reaction under pressure was classic, and predictable.

    Playing war games on x-box with children is the height of Pnoy Aquino’s military prowess.

    A disgraceful act by the epitome of a coward. Pnoy Aquino should be impeached.

    Mar Roxas and Leila de Lima have already shown that they are of the same ilk as Aquino and should also hang their heads in shame.

    And the sorry episode shows what happens when you pander to the US.

    As the nation commemorates mamasapano, Pnoy Aquino will be having a quickie at the palace, with his girlfriend pia wurtzbach , about whom he says, “we have a mutual understanding”
    Maybe he was too busy texting her on that fatal day a year ago.

    Are there any men of courage and integrity. It seems not. Just lapdogs.

    • Your points about Aquino maybe spot on but what has Pia Wurtzbach have to do with Mamasapano? The courage and integrity you demand from the President is something you clearly lack also.

    • Papatulan ba ni Pia Wurtzbach si Abnoy? Mahiya ka naman Pnot, world class Filipina yan ikaw wa- class na Pnoy!! Mag jakol ka na lang!

    • Wikepedia has a list of symptoms for aspergers syndrome that matches what you wrote.i cant find a way to copy paste it here.anyways it was his uncle peping cojuangco who said it in an interview.

  11. jeff jaramillo on

    It is Pnoy who caused the death of the 44SAF, as such, he should not be in the awarding ceremony. His presence is for political reason and hugas kamay. His presence surely will deface the true spirit of the event.

    Pnoy is evil. He does not deserve a single space in this glorious moment intended for heroes.

  12. aquino has no choice but to do what is very insulting to the dead just to save his face. Unluckily the day of reckoning is at hand. Justice for theSAF44 this time will be given to them.
    I agree that aquino never learn from Luneta massacre. He though he can go away with the mamasapano massacre like what he did to the victims of Luneta.

  13. Bakit ba hanggang ngayon hindi ma intindihan nang mga bomabatikos ki presidente Aquino ang national Anthem nang Pilipinas. Ang mamatay nang dahil saiyo. Everybody should understand that the President does not do the planning he only approves it. The Presidents action was only menisterial. Like in America Obama does not do the planning he only appoves it. Kaya mga kalaban ni Presidente tumigil na kayo. Mahiya kayo sa sarile ninyo, sa taong bayan.

    • What are you talking about?every newspaper reported that Aquino was very much involved in the planning together with his best friend,a suspended Allan Purisima.He did not only approved it but he’s very much into it.Nararapat lang na papanagutin sya.Akala kasi nya makakalusot na naman sya katulad ng Mga kapalpakan nalusutan nya?

  14. Carlos de Castro on

    If we are going to commemorate all military debacle., then Malacanag shoul appoint a cabinet secretary to monitor this. saff 44 is just the same as the massacre of Gen Bautisa and his men, and others, etc.What is the difference between one, two or five army killed in an ambushed tot his 44. The way I see it ang magulo ay iyong malayong kama-anak na umi-iyak pa kunwari para mabigyan ng pera. Ito mga ito na seguro hindi pa nila kakilala o pinagtatawanan pa nila iyong namatay kasi local lang hindi iyong kakilala nila sa state na US navy. I do not,kow what justice they want.To me they only want some money.

  15. Aquino should present himself in front of the widows and let each one slap the taste out his mouth.

  16. It is only a circus show. It is long overdue. It must havebeen done rigth after the incident. It seems to me thatthis is only an insult because when their remains were transported the Pres. did not even bother to give them a respect of salute and instead went to another unimportant gathering.