• ‘Only Binay has record of poverty reduction’


    OF all five candidates vying for the presidency, only Vice President Jejomar Binay of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) has the track record of reducing poverty, a feat he achieved while serving as mayor of Makati City, his spokesman said on Monday.

    “Under Binay’s leadership, poverty incidence in Makati has declined dramatically. No other presidential candidate can claim that,” campaign communications director Joey Salgado said in a statement.

    He said that the number of poor people in Makati dropped from 17,630 in 2000 to 2,645 in 2012. He said their data came from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

    Salgado added that Makati residents are provided a wide range of services, from free workbooks, bags and uniform; scholarships, and a skills-matching program that ensures employment for graduates of the University of Makati.

    Makati residents also receive free medical and hospitalization, among other social services.

    “Experience is what our country needs and Vice President Binay has lots of it as compared to the other candidates. He is the only candidate with a track record of reducing poverty,” he stressed.

    On the issue of illegal drugs which Liberal Party standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd raised during Sunday’s presidential debates, Salgado claimed that Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has consistently cited Makati for its programs against illegal drugs.

    “Makati has been consistently recognized by PDEA for its anti-drug campaign, which is considered a best practice in enlisting communities in the fight against drugs,” he pointed out.

    Binay, during a sortie in Iligan City, urged voters to choose candidates with experience.

    “Baguhin na po natin ang pulitika. Bumoto na po tayo ng mga kandidato na may karanasang mamuno. Hindi ho pwedeng ang iboboto natin sa pagkapangulo e wala hong karanasan [Let us change politics. Let us vote for candidates who have experience to lead.

    We cannot vote for a President who has no experience. Being President is not an on-the-job training],” he said.

    He took potshots at Roxas, saying the latter may have had some experience as the Secretary of various agencies but had no successes to rest on.

    Roxas was a former Trade, Transportation, and Interior Secretary.

    “Ang mga MRT [Metro Rail Transit] at ‘yung nga nakawan dun ho sa kaban ng bayan, puros kapalpakan [The MRT and raids of public coffers (are) all failures],” Binay said.
    Unlike him, Binay said the administration has no compassion for the poor.

    “Ang ibig sabihhin noon wala hong nalalaman sa pamumuno [That means they no nothing about leadership],” he said.


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    1. its also true that drug problem has been increasing everyday in all most part if makati. drug dealing has been common in makati since 25 years ago

    2. the binay family is known in our place as notorious robber of makato city fund. true binay is expert in manipulating govt fund

    3. Binay most notable experienced as mayor is teaching his children to be corrupt. Most if not all of his family are being under investigation for corruption, his wife and son has been indicted. Please spare the country , don’t vote for Binay and others like him.