• Only Peace


    Only peace may bear fruit to peace.


    The wisdom of the just evades
    Those who have eyes but blind to see
    Those who have ears but deaf to listen.
    Sodom and Gomorrah do not compare
    With the wickedness of this generation.
    Had Sodom and Gomorrah heard the truth
    They would have been spared.
    This generation sees the truth
    But recognizes not
    It hears the truth
    But understands not
    They may see Elias and John speaking
    About the truth in the streets
    Yet people do not really see
    They do not hear.

    The house is being put in order
    As the destination arrives
    For the truth.

    Listen to the conscience
    It is in the heart.
    One may not be prepared for the truth
    But one has a conscience
    Where preparedness and alertness breed.

    These lyrics don’t land in one’s heart
    For they are well within anyone
    In the first place
    I am merely verbalizing
    What conscience speaks of
    I am merely strumming
    The music that is well within
    Your soul in the first place.


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