• Only real solution to the traffic hell: Regime Change


    The real solution for metro Manila’ s traffic horror has been staring us in the face, as much as the on-and-off red brake lights had stared at you for four hours at EDSA the other night: Regime Change.

    The solution is to remove President Aquino, who has been, as the country’s chief executive, totally responsible for this daily horror to millions of residents of metropolitan Manila. The solution is to prevent from ever assuming power over this nation his clone Manuel Roxas 2nd, or anybody remotely sharing this incompetent leader’s mentality.

    The biggest factor for the traffic horrors in metropolitan Manila has been Aquino’s utter failure to improve the infrastructure that would have de-clogged EDSA, mainly the MRT-3 that runs along EDSA which had functioned quite well under the previous administrations and had carried millions of Filipinos swiftly and safely to work.

    I was stunned that the business community’s favorite Cabinet member, Rene Almendras, would have this hare-brained idea that the 45-man Highway Patrol Group of mostly beer-bellied motorcycle riders would solve the problem. Did Almendras think this feared group — known for decades as having members with links to car napping syndicates and as a motorcycle-escort group you contract for tourist buses and for wedding and funeral convoys – would instill terror among traffic violators and thereby solve the traffic problem?

    That is the kind of batty solutions we will expect under an Aquino or an Aquino 2.0 regime. If the HPG fails, would Aquino order the SAF to EDSA with their Armalites?

    That we were approaching a traffic Armageddon had been clear since the late 1990s. This prodded the Ramos administrations to prioritize the building of the mass transit system along EDSA (MRT-3) and along the Aurora Boulevard (LRT-2). The Arroyo regime continued Ramos’ projects to complete LRT-2’s Santolan (Pasig) to Cubao section and from Cubao to Legarda section. Arroyo also ordered built massive pumping stations in Manila to quickly remove floodwaters that had been the source of horrendous traffic over the years.

    Daang Matrapik: A netizen vents his anger using a viral photo of Wednesday’s ‘carmagggedon’.

    Daang Matrapik: A netizen vents his anger using a viral photo of Wednesday’s ‘carmagggedon’.

    Yet what did Aquino and his sidekick Roxas do as soon as they assumed office? For some inexplicable reason, Aquino stopped completing the new C-6 circumferential road Ramos started, so that even the C-5 which you were supposed to travel through to avoid the EDSA traffic is often as clogged.

    Aquino junked unilaterally in 2010 a project to be undertaken by a top Belgian engineering firm, almost totally funded by the Belgian government’s cheap official development assistance loans, to dredge the Laguna Bay and the canals leading to it so that floodwaters in Metro Manila would flow swiftly to that basin.

    Flood-control project stopped
    Aquino alleged that it involved graft by this predecessor, and even defied a resolution in the House of Representatives asking him to continue the project. After five years, the Ombudsman hasn’t even bothered to assign a single lawyer to investigate Aquino’s allegations, although this administration succeeded in getting one of the champions of the project Laguna governor “ER” Ejercito removed form office.

    We will soon lose the P7 billion case the Belgian firm filed against us for the project’s cancellation at the World Bank’s International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.

    The project would have been finished two years ago, and Aquino had not undertaken any initiative to replace that Belgian project. As a result, just half an hour of heavy rains flooded strategic areas of Manila the other night, the trigger for the five-hour paralysis of Manila.

    Second, Aquino grossly mismanaged the MRT-3, so that it now is close to completely breaking down, and now carries just a tenth of the daily commuters during the previous administration. The kilometer-long queues to get on MRT-3, its slowness because its wheels had been worn out of shape, fewer train cars as most could no longer be repaired, bent car rails, all these reduced the commuters it could carry, so that more buses, “FX” vehicles, and private cars have clogged EDSA.

    Canadian aircraft-maker Bombardier’s engineers who were initially hired to maintain the signaling system they built left in a huff in 2013 when they stopped receiving their fees. Now, instead of relying on high-tech sensors along the lines feeding into a computer that Bombardier had put in place, the trains’ drivers, would you believe, now resort to cheap walkie-talkies to warn the next station of their arrivals.

    With the deterioration of the trains, middle class employees who had been using the MRT-3 had no choice but to purchase cheap Korean-made cars to commute to their offices, while their richer counterparts bought second cars to evade the color-coding scheme.

    But Aquino stupidly said the increase in car sales is proof of economic growth. That remark revealed how low this government had prioritized the tariff problem – which Secretary Emilio Abaya’s more recent traffic-isn’t-fatal remark confirmed.

    Roxas, as transport and communications secretary until October 2012, delayed for months the renewal of the maintenance contract for MRT-3 by the Japanese consortium Mitsubishi-Sumitomo, which built and had been running the system for a decade. Sumitomo in fact it had been boasting over its MRT-3’s performance for years as its sales pitch to sell similar systems to cities abroad.

    Two days after Roxas left office, the P1.2 billion maintenance contract was given to a shadowy consortium of local companies. It was later unearthed that it had the relative of MRT manager Al Vitangcol and a known Liberal Party financial supporter as its incorporators. The Ombudsman filed charges of graft on this contract in July this year against Vitangol and the owners of the contractor for corruption, four years after the allegations were raised.

    Instead of buying Czech train cars that had proven their worth after ten years, the DOTC is now hoping that the MRT-3 would still be operating officially on the cars it ordered from a company in Aquino’s favorite county, China. The firm though had never built the kind of train cars MRT-3 uses, and the proto-type would arrive only next month for testing. (I hope the Chinese don’t use a commercial contract to get back at Aquino, just as it did in 2013 when it held up our banana exports, on flimsy grounds that these needed extra inspection for some plant disease.)

    Subsequent events and disclosures point to why the Czech company isn’t supplying the MRT-3’s trains. The Czech ambassador to Manila, Josef Rhyctar alleged that DOTC officials led by – again – DOTC official Vitangcol were demanding $30 million in grease-money if they wanted the business.

    First time in diplomatic history
    That is the first time in the two centuries of diplomatic history that an ambassador has accused the officials of the host country of corruption.

    This will be the first President after Marcos (who built and finished LRT-1) who will not inaugurate a single new rail line, even as the detailed plans for these had been made years ago.

    The Arroyo administration built in 18 months several kilometers of light railway for LRT-1 and MRT-3 to meet at North Avenue, so that travellers from the north could ride the Balintawak station and get off at Ayala or at Baclaran.

    They don’t want to or they can’t since after five years, the Aquino administration hasn’t built the common station between the two lines at North Avenue, so that they use cars or even decrepit jeepneys to travel along EDSA. Why?

    Aquino suddenly ordered the plans changed: instead of having the common station at the SM Mall, according to the plan approved by his predecessor, the common station would now be at the Ayala’s Trinoma. SM has sued, course. Now it would take years for the suit to be resolved, unless a powerful president with no love lost with the Ayalas, intervenes.

    Roxas 2nd was DOTC secretary for two years during which he could have laid down a firm plan for the improvement of the mass-transit systems in metro Manila. After all, he is the right-hand man of, and even half the brain (the other half is Abad) of Aquino — who is ultimately responsible for the hell that is EDSA everyday for millions of Filipinos.

    Yet he has the gall to ask Filipinos to elect him as president next year?

    He with his boss Aquino should be put in jail for criminal negligence that has resulted in billions of pesos in economic activity lost, for the suffering of a million working Filipinos who commute to work along EDSA every day.

    Yet he has the gall to claim that our country needs another six years of Daang Matuwid, when it has been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt to be Daang Matrapik!

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    1. Mr. Tiglao, be careful with what you wish for, they are really fielding SAF in EDSA!

      One paper reports: “Gunnacao added some 20 policemen from the Special Action Force would be added to the 150 HPG officers manning traffic on EDSA.”

    2. In the spirit of the freedom of speech, I remark that the article contains overgeneralizations about the traffic issue. In addition, the article proposes a political solution to the acculumated outcome of poor planning and repeated neglect. I believe it is fallacious to blame the current administration for the EDSA situation, for the reason, that the said situation was supposed to be the responsibility of earlier administrations. If the current administration neglected its part today, then it is responsible for its neglect of its own responsibilities. To that end, it is absurd to blame the current administration for problems caused by the neglect of previous administrations.

      In my honest opinion, I do not see the change of administration as the solution to the current traffic problem. I also do not see the administration as the true culprit behind the traffic in EDSA. I write so, for the reason that the traffic in EDSA is not being replicated in other national roads; if the administration is really at fault, then this traffic problem in EDSA should be observable in other roads.

      It is not impossible that the situation in EDSA is the end result from the combination of certain factors. Historical neglect, poor urban planning, and population growth may be some of these factors. If I recall, EDSA already had frequent traffic problems even before the current administration came to office. If the problem already existed before, it is therefore not impossible that the problem in EDSA is coming from ourselves.

      Other than that, the EDSA situation is simply a revelation that EDSA has not moved along with the times — it is stuck in its own traffic by its design.

      Now before anyone accuses me of being a “yellow monkey”, please be informed that I am not defending the current administration. I am commenting on the proposed solution, for I think the solution does not solve the problem.

      I write so, for the EDSA situation was never the sole responsibility of one administration alone; it is and always will be the responsibility of all current and future governments. Therefore, as the responsibility to EDSA transcends the borders of politics, it also means that the solution to the problem is not found in politics alone. I believe that the problem is rooted in our ethical concepts; we Filipinos scream change, but we do often want other people to change want we want to change — we do not want to lift our finger to create the changes we had always sought and wanted. We Filipinos are also small-groupminded; we are particular to our circle of friends, our families, and our belief circles. If that are our points of view, then there can be no reliable guarantee that a regime change by itself shall solve the problem. It cannot be guaranteed that the next administration would be keen on delivering the unkept promises of the past administration. As the Filipino is particular and small-group minded, it is highly likely that the next administration would neglect the unkept promises of the past administration. In addition to that, it is also likely that the next administration will give promises that it cannot keep. From that emerges the ethical problems that plague our society, and this reflects on our politics and government. If the ethical problems remain to exist, a regime change will not solve the problem. It is likely that the next administrations would neglect the existing problems for the pursuit of their agenda.

      In conclusion, I remark that a regime change may not be the solution. What we actually need is an ethical revolution, that would motivate people to transcend particularity and small-mindedness. For if such ethical revolutions are realized and achieved, then the succeeding administrations will less likely resort to the attitude of neglect and iresponsibility.

      Other than an ethical revolution, the solutions to the EDSA problem may possibly lie in the use of bikes and the banning of automobiles.

    3. The way Cory grossly mismanaged the vital power plants which resulted to daily 8-12 hour brownouts nationwide for almost the entire of 1993 is the same manner in which her son mismanaged the MRT, traffic management scheme and flood-control projects which inconvenienced millions of Filipinos. Then there was also the Mendiola massacre during Cory’s time which until now is unresolved and recently the SAF 44 Mamasapano massacre where justice has not been served to the victims’ families. Indeed, LIKE MOTHER, LIKE SON.


      That is the famous statement by the Philippine second president Manuel Quezon, quoted in so many emotional speeches extolling nationalism.

      Careful what you wish for.

      The Philippine government is NOW run like HELL.

    5. These photos were taken on August 31, 2015. We all knew the reason why. And then putting the blame again to another. This is a blasphemy.

    6. PNoy or Abnoy or whatever name you choose to call him appears to be megalomanic. His actions, pronouncements and endless gasconade indicates that he has delusions of grandeur. He had plans to run for another term but demurred when many howled in protest. He eyed the Nobel Peace Award. Shades of Mamasapano! And he thinks he’s the best president the Philippines ever had?

    7. D’ editor >>you what you have done>>>puro ka batikos wala ka na mang nagawa ri>>>find and share if you solution<<<FY

    8. Habang ang ibang bansa ay sumusulong in terms of infrastructures, ang pilipinas under pnoy KKK group ay paurong.

    9. Abad says no quick fix for the traffic problem – what was he and his cohort Pinoy been doing for almost 6 years? What idiots!!!

      Yes, regime change is necessary and I mean real regime change-not the same stupid corrupt politicians and their children that keep on recycling to enrich their pockets.

      Another martial law or perhaps civil war is necessary to completely replace the idiots!

      Go do it!

    10. For the nth time, I will say it again: it is the yellow regime that must go, this aspergerized moron is only their useful idiot of the moment. And who or what is the yellow regime? It is the Catholic Church, the Oligarchy and last but not least, the American-led West. These three are just different manifestations of what is really just one and the same thing, the Western Civilization, formerly known as the Western Christendom. The yellow regime is their biggest front in this country where they have many fronts, including believe it or not, the communist NPA, but thats another subject altogether. The oligarchy decided to make car financing as easy as breathing the city’s polluted air, so they lowered the down payment and that is what resulted in the explosion of car sales that they now call a sign of progress. Remember how Cory scuttled the Marcos’ Bataan Nuclear Plant so they can skin the people alive by ramming the IPPs down our throats? In another 50 years of this regime, we will see skyways on top of one another to make way for millions of no down-payment cars sold by the oligarchy, and all the skyways built under PPP of course because how else will the Oligarchy steal money from the people legally under this regime of oxymorons? The parasitic Church’s role is to use religion to keep the people sedated, while the military might of the West makes sure nobody even thinks of resisting all these evil that ultimately is for the benefit of the western bankers/moneylenders. To make a long story short, RESISTING COMELEC/SMARTMATIC IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS LIBERATION !

      • If the Filipinos would be truly independent of foreign powers or intervention then let the Filipinos themselves count the votes with their calculators and guard those ballots and save the Philippines billions of dollars to be sent to Venezuela!

    11. Under this Pnoy admin, if not selective justice or no justice at all… Next year, he will be choosing an option whether hospital arrest or house arrest.

    12. BS AQUINO 3rd is the worst president and Mar Roxas id the worst candidate for President of the Liberal Party. On 2016 there will be a mass “kisses of death” all Liberal party candidates will lose. Wag iboto ang dilaw ang utak, “tuwid ang daan” trapik kahit saan buwisit!

    13. It is these types of projects for the masses that we need a president who knows engineering and appreciates the use of technology to provide better services to the people. Surely, we have a lot of engineers who have the political maturity and understands the dynamics of local politics and the contradictions in our society. Surely, there are a lot of engineers who were a product of the First Quarter Storm or the Diliman Commune. i just hope that those with the capabilities along this discipline stand up and put a stop to the inanities of a benigno, the incompetence of a manuel and the lack of depth of a greys.

      • Engineers are said to be better manager because of their training on problem solving. But to be a good president one only needs to know where and who your best people are. Sadly, Pnoy dont have a clue and his entire cabinet are just happy to join his picnic.
        You are right. We have engineers who are able to solve the flooding, the MRT, the road, airport and other infrastructure issues but they have all gone abroad where their genius are better compensated and well appreciated. Who are left in the country? Engineers who are smart enough to milk the system dry.

    14. Swak na swak lahat ng sinabi mo Mr. Tiglao! Inabot ko po ang MRT nung bago pa sya pati na ren ang LRT2. Napakalaki ng diperensya ng pag ko commute noon kesa ngayon. Kaming mga regular commuters ang makakapagpatunay na talagang ang tindi ng naging deterioration ng public mass transport system naten. Hindi Lang mga trains, pati missing mga stations walang maintenance. May mga elevator at escalator na Hindi gumagana. Mga CR na sira, pag umuulan may mga tulo sa kisame, etc….hay buhay!

    15. Gibo Teodoro is the most qualified
      person to bê president, unfortunately, he’s not interested.
      Our only options are BBMarcos,
      Duterte, and Santiago.

    16. May we add the non-prioritization of developing a stable water source/dam for MetroManila’s needs. I don’t think the Angat Dam upgrade and improvement has even been started !
      El Nino is knocking and five and a half years down the drain cannot be recovered!

      • One of the solutions to a water problem is the construction of Desalination Plants. Let’s make use of all the seawater that we have. But I’m sure, this government will not be interested. Basta logical, ayaw nila. Kung hindi nila pagkakaperahan, ayaw nila. Pero ang BBL, gustong-gusto. Laki nga naman ng block grant – 586.8 billion pesos sa loob ng anim na taon.


    18. Right on! Only the masochists will appreciate the situation today that Aquino, Roxas and their gang created. Where are the trolls of Malacanang to dispute what you say?

    19. We never had these things during the Martial Law. You wanted human rights so much to the extent of sacrificing the welfare of the nation. Marcos said and I can not forget the exact words “sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan” para sa Bagong Lipunan”. But the people marched to EDSA and did not want “disiplina” . They wanted and they actually reverted to the “Lumang Lipunan”. They started wearing yellow shirts and tying yellow ribbons around the city. They started throwing garbage on the storm drains, they polluted Ilog Pasig, they stopped building roads, they dumped the nuclear program, they started the pork barrel, they restored the Tong system, Now what are you expecting? But all is not lost,we still have Santiago, Duterte (He needs a lot of pushing!) and Bongbong. Those who hated his father should not use the same emotion that they used before. Use your brain this time.

      • The Marcos years were dark and evil – not bright and good as some were led to believe.

        As they say, those who don’t heed the lessons of history are bound to repeat it. Or in much simpler terms:

        Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

        Let’s stop being fools, please. Let’s tell our young people the painful stories of the Marcos years before it’s too late. – Rappler.com

    20. How can you blame our president when he was the one voted into office by most of the Filipino people? For all the inconsistencies that has happened we still get what we deserve. We deserve to learn from a miserable lesson.

    21. victor m. hernandez on

      Yes we can! If only Filipinos, or at least the daily Metro Manila commuters and motorists will have the gall to whisk PNoy out of office, put him in jail, strip him of immunity as the Argentinians did to their president. But Filipinos are not Argentinians; and Filipino Congressmen are not Argentinian Legislators. Imagine Argentinian Legislators voted 132-0 in favor of stripping the president of immunity. So, let’s just continue to commute in the gates of hell in Metro Manila.

    22. We are a pathetic country,governed by IDIOTS AND LACKEYS.
      EDSA ,with CCTV, MMDA, SIGNAL LIGHTS ,LOCAL POLICE,AND HPG, yet the mess is there every day, we are truly a laughing stock in ASIA.

    23. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      BRILLIANT OPINION MR. TIGLAO!!! 5 years na sila sa puwesto, ngayon lang sila kumikilos.

    24. Wala namang ginawang mabuti nparasa bayan si NOYTARD kundi manisi,mag higanti,manuhol,magpabaya,magnoynoying at manigarilyo ang gagong si ABNOY.

    25. The European court has recently ruled that time travelling is to be considered work time, and therefore paid accordingly, for certain categories of workers – e.g sales, consultants, contract workers etc. ( those without a fixed office or home office). That would stir up some action if that was applied in Manila! (Mainly the oligarchs and Ayalas on the phone to their puppet Pnoy Aquino to keep the slaves in check).

      There has also been a sharp decline in interest from western companies in establishing Manila offices, due primarily to the traffic/infrastructure/internet issues, with some looking to scale back existing operations, or transfer completely to Singapore/Vietnam, and no doubt this will be reflected in further declines in FDI, and also missed tourism targets as the horror stories hit the international press and tripadvisor etc.

      Companies do not want tired, frustrated, demotivated workers, whose productivity is next to zero after completing a mental and physical assault course just to get to work.
      A vibrant dynamic capital is critical for a country and a showcase. The lethargy in Manila is symptomatic and reflective of both a culture and a malaise which does not augur well for any significant future progress.
      One only has to look at some of the big ticket items currently underway in nearly all other ASEAN countries. In comparison the philippines has become an embarrassment, and is not taken seriously by the international community

      The outcomes are very predictable, but the philippines is run – into the ground – by very, very stupid people, who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

      You can commute daily from London to Brussels, or London to Paris, or Paris to Frankfurt etc, in less time and with less stress than transversing even 20 miles in Manila.

      Roll on relocation!

      • victor m. hernandez on

        In the Philippines, that is also applicable: time travelling is part of working time. The
        Compensation Commission has a rule that when a worker meets an accident going to or coming out of work he is entitled to compensation for injury and damages. By implication, indeed travelling time is part of work time. This hould be part of Congress’s Agenda on Legislative Bills to regularize the EEC ruling into a law. Part of those that should be liable are the functionaries DOTC (first and foremost), LTFRB, LTO, and DTI (Bureau of Consumer Protection).
        Why is that so? First DOTC is the department in charge of policy making in transportation. It is guilty of criminal gross negligence and incompetence resulting to economic sabotage, when one consider the study on waste nd cost of traffic mess, i.e., about Pesos 2.3 Billion per day lost. A transport policy that prefers car usage, encourage car buying and selling that increasing crowding limited Metro Manila roads.

      • Too true Hector but … its “More fun in the Philippines” or should it really be “more incompetence? Unfortunately the best brains vote with their feet and elect to live and work abroad. The government clearly doesn’t see this is as a vote of no confidence in its handling of the economy for it turns their rejection of the status quo into a positive by crowing about the benefits of foreign capitol returns. The only guy that could sort out this country is Duterte but unfortunately he has chosen life before martyrdom.

      • Travel time for consultants are paid you say? Now I know why Trillanes’ consultants are paid handsomely. See, there is the bright side of these hellish traffic in our metro.
        Kidding aside, inspite of all you have said, which are all true, why do some international press and organization give citations and good credit rating to Pnoy and the Philippines? I am beginning to wonder if they ar also in Pnoy’s payroll.

    26. The curse of the Aquino presidencies. both are incompetent. both stopped the good projects of their predecessors, even if the projects would be beneficial to Filipinos.

      Under their presidencies, we paid billions of pesos for unused projects like Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, and may lose the court case and be penalized due to breach of contract on Laguna Lake Dredging.

      Both Aquino presidents are a curse to the Filipinos. During the first Aquino president, we suffered long blackouts due to power failures, and the second Aquino president, power failure is looming again, this time in Vizayas and Mindanao.

      The first Aquino president was prodded by her cabinet secretary to fast-track the construction of infrastructure/flyovers, as her term of office was about to end and she did not have a legacy to leave behind the Filipinos.

      The second Aquino president is also nearing his term of office with less than a year remaining, and there is no new infrastructure completed. Siguro ang sabi niya, “Bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo. Pinilit ninyo lang naman akong tumakbong maging presidente.”

      I remember what columnist Boo Chanco wrote during the early presidency of Noynoy. Boo’s informant told him that Noynoy complained to his relatives for what troubles they’ve gotten him into, when Noynoy ran and won the 2010 presidential election.

    27. I am in full agreement that the main root of the EDSA/MM traffic carmageddon mess is the MRT3 MISMANAGEMENT/MISHANDLING. You got that spot on! Just to add to your already excellent account on how MRT3 went from very good to very very bad in a span of just a few years, what adds to the whole mess is the failure to solve the problem as we speak. The Dalian China trains will NOT be the solution nor will it suffice as the fleet required to run the MRT3 to move the 600K commuters who uses it everyday. I guess right now, only half of those commuters (I am one of them) have resorted back to their cars or other rides (buses, colorums) — which of course has added to the volume of EDSA users. Kaya, dumating lalo ang mga sasakyan in the last 2-3 years alone. The Dalian trains will just be 16 trains to be added to the already depleting old fleet. It will also take more than a year more to complete delivery. So kulang na, matagal pa! What DOTC should have done in the past (considering the emergency status of MRT3/EDSA traffic was to outsource more suppliers of the rolling Stocks abroad. They shouldn’t have depended on 1-2 bidders alone. That’s a BIG NO-NO! They should also have considered Refurbished but Reliable-Branded LRVs from many other sources … just as practiced by countries in South America, India, etc. MRT3 uses a 1435 mm track gauge which is THE standard in light rail system in the world. Had we followed the way other countries do (who needs LRVs at faster pace and cheaper price), why didn’t DOTC not consider that solution. Emergency situation requires Emergency measures! Surely, by now we would have as many MRT3 trains we want to serve the millions of passengers. The old adage, timing is everything applies even here. So much time has been lost already.

    28. adonis b. rocha on

      In other words Mr. Tiglao, your article clearly labeled Mar Roxas as’ “palpak” and doesnt deserve any minute from now to be even at his cabinet post much more have the gall to declare and run for presidency come 2016. Everybody knows where you are coming and going , who else but for Nognog Binay, another damaged goods, as the saying goes; “when there is smoke, there is fire”! Your Nognog Binay is simply in the state of delusion if not illusion, a smelly tradpol !…..so with the neophyte blabber mouth, Grace P. Llamanzares. Other wannabes such a Cayetano or Bong Bong Marcos are just but “dreamers”. There is only one man of integrity, wisdom and leadership that will be the surprise darkhorse and white knight come the 2016 presidential election, none other than…..PANFILO “PING” LACSON.

      • well yu can accuse tiglao of being pro biNOY but the fact remains boy pickup started all of these mess. from being a consultant of boy sisi during the 1st yr of boy sisi, both of them stopped the laguna lake dredging which could have eased the flooding here and a new circumferential road along the lake which could ease load on edsa and slex at mura pa ang toll fees being financed by oda from belgium and not thru PPP which would cost more for the users. both stopped the lrt2 estension to masinag and lrt 7 to norzagaray, etc. upon assuming dotc post, mrt-lrt1&2 started to deteriorate and so with the airports and the runways (would you believe that the runways experiences traffic jams coz boy pickup did not construct what boo chanco calls aprons for the planes to go to after landing??). etc etc etc. as tiglao has said this BOY PICKUP NOW WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT. sannamagan, with his documented mismanagement of dotc and dilg (yolanda and zambo siege), does he deserve to be president??

    29. Noynoy Aquino (like his mother Cory) is the best argument for the destruction and discrediting of the Yellow horde which has been in power since 1986. I’d give him and Mar Roxas another six years, and another, until people wake up to see their country utterly destroyed and realize that Yellow rule is the scourge that afflicts the nation. Is anyone still wondering why more and more people are pining for the martial law years of President Ferdinand Marcos?

      • yes many people are now re-thinking of their opinion of makoy sr. and are considering makoy jr. for the presidency of this country. makoy jr. is the first among the 3 pretenders to the throne who laid out his plans if ever he becomes president. all the others are engaging in pa-bebe. pa cute at showbiz antics. just maybe, tutal mahilig naman tayong mag experiment or magsugal sa ating ibinibotong presidente, makoy jr. would be the best choice other than the 3 pretenders