Onscreen: Jessica and Lara for International Women’s Day



Tomorrow, March 8, is International Women’s Day and the folks at Netflix and Warner Bros. figure it’s a good time for Jessica Jones and Lara Croft to make their returns.

Jessica Jones, my runaway hands down favorite of the five Marvel properties on Netflix, is back for a second season with 13 episodes—all directed by women.

Joining Jessica (Kristen Ritter) are her smart and feisty best friend Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) and her former junkie neighbor turned grateful aide, Malcolm (Eka Darville).

Also back is Carrie Ann Moss as lawyer Jeri Hogarth who utters in the trailer, “If I believed in God, I would say, Her sense of humor is worth $#!+.”

I saw what you did there, writers.

Show runner Melissa Rosenberg is quick to point out though this is all about a “balanced perspective” saying, “A powerful female protagonist or a female director or a female show runner—that shouldn’t be unique.”

There’s a rumor we haven’t seen the last of The Purple Man aka Kilgrave, played with vicious aplomb by David Tennant. Will any of The Defenders make an appearance? We’ll find out soon.

Netflix releases the second season of ‘Jessica Jones’ in time for the global event

In 2013, a new Tomb Raider video game came was released. With the last Lara Croft movie out 15 years ago, and with Hollywood’s penchant for franchises, reboots and lately, women at the forefront—it’s no surprise this video game heroine is back.

And now she’s in some really sensible jungle clothes—something a true woman of adventure and the outdoors would wear—functional khakis, boots to do everything in, a singlet and a hoodie. Take that, people who make female action characters wear impractical clothing or high heels.

Alicia Vikander (“Ex Machina” and “The Danish Girl”) trained with Magnus Lygdbäck who says, “There is no one tougher than a ballerina.” Vikander left the ballet profession more than ten years ago but she still calls it a “hardcore sport.” She trained really hard for the movie and looks really physically tough.

“When you meet Lara in the beginning of the film, she’s a regular girl living in East London, but we wanted the audience to know she is a physical being. You see her sparring with her friends at an MMA gym, and she’s a bike courier who loves to go out and race in the street. She’s a strong girl, and the story sets that tone right away,” Vikander relates.

“Later, we see her climbing, fighting, going underwater…I don’t know when in life I would have been exposed to try so many new things, if it weren’t for this role! I found it very empowering.”

Stunt coordinator Franklin Henson wholeheartedly agrees, attesting, “Alicia was brilliant, a top-class athlete. She put her heart and soul into everything—wirework, water work, shootouts, aerial stuff, fights, chases…”

As on every picture, there were doubles to do certain stunts, but, Franklin says, “Alicia did a lot herself—as much as we would allow. She even performed in the boxing match. She got in there and smashed it up!”

“Jessica Jones” rolls out tomorrow on Netflix while “Tomb Raider” opens in cinemas nationwide on regular and IMAX formats.


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