Pacific Organic Dairy Products

    The popularity of Italian cuisine and eateries continues to flourish throughout Southeast Asia. There has been, however, a missing link to Italian dairies to support the business with high-quality cheeses and yogurt. No longer, with Pacific Organic Dairy Products (PDOP) importing fresh Italian cheese and yogurt from its plant in Northern Luzon and selling to Hong Kong and eventually throughout the region. PDOP buys fresh milk from small cooperatives, which are recruited into its training program, which introduces them to proper feed regimes for better milk yields. Quality control at the source is part of the company’s strength as a trusted, top-quality producer. Through training and controlled buying, it has built up the capacity of scattered, otherwise unsupported dairy farmers to produce according to global standards. This boosts income to lift rural families from poverty and educate them to raise properly produced organic food. This is the key to fine products and strong communities.

    Under the brand Latteria d’Ischia, named after the island in the bay of Naples from which the company’s Italian cheese master came, the product range includes the initial yogurt, made out of 100 percent buffalo milk – excellent in a pesto mix – and four cheeses, expanded to now a dozen, the most recent being Halloumi, a salty chewy cheese from Cyprus that can be grilled or fried as part of a meat or grilled vegetable dish or in green salads. La Latteria products are served at international and resort hotels and discerning restaurants in the Metro.

    For more information on La Latteria, check out its Facebook page (La Latteria), Instgram and Twitter accounts (Latteria_La) or website, www.latteria-La.com.


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