• It’s an OPM Christmas for 2016


    The Manila Times is both happy and excited to share the news that unlike previous years where a barrage of foreign concerts lorded over the concert scene for the holidays, Original Pilipino Music will be very much alive for Christmas 2016. Two concerts, in fact will unfold in the first week of December alone featuring some of the best geniuses and icons of the industry.

    One stage, three great songwriters
    For the first time ever, Viva Live has gathered three of the country’s greatest songwriters in a single concert as Ogie Alcasid, Louie Ocampo and Rey Valera headline Kanta Ko, Panahon N’yo at the Kia Theater in Araneta Center on December 2. The show will feature this trio of geniuses and their special guests performing their timeless, original works in what is sure to be a brilliant showcase of Filipino talent.

    Louie Ocampo, Ogie Alcasid and Rey Valera

    Louie Ocampo, Ogie Alcasid and Rey Valera

    Alcasid was a young singer-songwriter back in the ‘80s who later went to become a popular comedian in films and television. Despite this success, he never gave up on his music and, like Valera and Ocampo, has since then composed a big number of songs, many of which have also become movie or teleserye themes. He recorded and popularized many of his works. Among these are “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka,” “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang,” “Kailangan Kita,” “Hanggang Ngayon,” “Ikaw Ang Aking Pangarap,” “Magpakailanman,” “Pangako,” “Ikaw Sana,” “Kung Mawawala Ka,” “Nandito Ako,” “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,” “Mahal Kita Walang Iba,” “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala,” “Peksman.”

    Ocampo was a teenage organ prodigy when he started writing songs. He started out with Vicor in the late ‘70s. He later trained at the Berklee College of Music in the United States, opening opportunities for him as an arranger and musical director. He is now one of the most in-demand musical directors in the business and has also collected a body of successful, very popular works, including “Ikaw,” “Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin,” “Kahit Isang Saglit,” “You Are My Song,” “So Many Questions,” “Ewan,” “Hagkan,” “Maghihintay Ako Sa ‘Yo,” “Say That You Love Me,” “Babalik Ka Rin,” “Tell Me,” “Aida, Lorna O Si Fe,” “I Can,” “Point Of No Return,” “Closer You And I,” “I’ll Be There For You,” “Selos,” “To Love You Once Again,” “Shadow of Time.”

    Singer/composer Valera has been in the music business for four decades. He started out composing songs for the artists of Vicor Music like Sharon Cuneta and Rico Puno but later became a big selling recording artist himself. He remains active in concerts and television. His works remain popular and are often used as theme songs. Among these are “Mr. DJ,” “Malayo Pa Ang Umaga,” “Maging Sino Ka Man,” “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” “Tayong Dalawa,” “Naaalala Ka,” “Sorry Pwede Ba,” “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko,” “Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo,” “Walang Kapalit,” “Sinasamba Kita,” “Kahit Wala Ka Na,” “Kung Kailangan Mo Ako,” “Ako Si Superman,” “Kung Sakaling Iibig Muli” and “Sa Kabila N g Lahat.”

    Kanta Ko, Panahon N’yo is directed by GB Sampedro with Louie Ocampo as musical director.

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    OPM legends times four
    In the local music industry, there are good singers and there are great singers. But there are few who have surpassed greatness and have become legends because of their unique vocal styles, their amazing stage presence, and unexplainable charisma. Their songs are so distinctly catchy that playing these tunes today still makes people sit up, listen, reminisce and sing along.

    Rico J. Puno, Hajii Alejandro, Marco Sison and Rey Valera

    Rico J. Puno, Hajii Alejandro, Marco Sison and Rey Valera

    In the Philippines, four of this inimitable crop include Rico J. Puno, Hajii Alejandro, Rey Valera and Marco Sison. No one can dispute the indelible marks they have left in the entertainment industry because they are not just recognizable celebrities but respected artists. These four singers continue to leave such deep impressions in the hearts and minds of their fans and listeners that their classics remain favorites even now.

    Who can possible forget how they nursed a broken heart way back when while listening to Hajii Alejandro’s version of “Nakapagtataka”? And what guy did not want to be “Macho Gwapito” like Rico J. Puno? Even today, women will still swoon when they hear Rey Valera sing “Maging Sino Ka Man,” and sway to Marco Sison’s “Si Aida, Si Lorna, O Si Fe?”

    Because he always came across at dashing debonair, Alejandro was always best known as the original “Kilabot ng Kolehiyala.” He was the first ever winner of the Metro Pop Song Festival, and shared the stage with Basil Valdez in the Circus Band. To this day, he is active as a singer and even as an actor. His hits, “Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika,” “Panakip Butas,” and “Nakapagtataka” remain to be favorite cover songs by artists of different genres and genreations.

    Perhaps the most active of the four, Puno’s luster still shines bright with endless gigs not just as a singer but also as host and actor. Currently, he plays a somewhat meddlesome but lovable father to John Lloyd Cruz’s character in Home Sweetie Home on ABS-CBN. Known best, though, as the “Total Entertainer,” he is credited for classic Filipino tunes as “May Bukas Pa, “Ang Tao’y Marupok,” “Magkasuyo Buong Gabi” (a duet with Elsa Chan), and “Macho Guapito.”

    Valera, who is also featured in Kanta Ko, Panahon N’yo, is a soulful singer besides a remarkable songwriter. Many of his hits continue to be used today as theme songs for many soap operas that eventually become massive hits, among them “Maging Sino Ka Man,” “Ta-yong Dalawa,” and “Malayo Pa Ang Umaga.”

    Finally, every woman in her teens in the ‘80s will never forget the Marco Sison smile. His singing career started late in the ‘70s via popular noontime show Student Canteen, and for over three decades, women have continued to fall for his boyishly good looks, sweet charm and wonderful singing voice. His popular singles include “My Love Will See You Through,” “I’ll Face Tomorrow,” “Make Believe.”

    On December 9, Resorts World Manila an Studio 69, in cooperation with Star Media Entertainment will bring together these four OPM icons in The Best of OPM Hitmkers at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. Special guest is Jessa Zaragoza.

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